Chocolat Bonnat

Bonnat is a family-run company in Voiron, France. It has been handed down from generation to generation for over 130 years. It is currently headed by the founder’s great-grandson, Stéphane Bonnat. Founded in the late 19th century by Felix Bonnat, the company’s first successful chocolate was Pavés de Voiron, cube-shaped pralines wrapped in foil that became an instant hit. Over the years, their selection expanded to include many types of chocolate. In 1983, they began manufacturing chocolate bars made solely with cocoa beans from the same origin. Today, Stéphane collaborates with partners to source the finest cocoa beans in Africa and Asia, and spends several months each year visiting Peru, Mexico, Venezuela Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti and Cuba in search of rare cocoa species. Our selection includes a blend of creamy milk chocolate bars as well as velvety-rich single origin dark chocolate. Each bar is named for the region where the cocoa beans used to manufacture the chocolate was sourced. Our grand selection includes Bonnat Asfarth (cocoa beans from the northwest area of the island of Sumatra, called Asfarth); Bonnat Chuao (cocoa beans from Chuao, Venezuela); Bonnat Haiti (cocoa beans from Haiti); Bonnat “Libanio” (cocoa beans sourced from Brazil) and many more. For the ultimate experience, we suggest trying the Bonnat “Porcelana,” made from a rare cocoa bean that is a translucent white color. This bean comes from Venezuela and has an annual production of only 1000 to 3000 kilos. It produces a fragrant and well-balanced chocolate filled with delicate flavors that can be described as having a quiet complexity. Although Porcelana cocoa beans are white, the color of the final chocolate product is brown.

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