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Wiley Wallaby

It’s love at first bite when you try Wiley Wallaby Australian candy from World Wide Chocolate. Those who love liquorice should take note; this unique take on the classic candy features a thicker and softer texture than most other brands you’ve tried. This gourmet Australian-style liquorice is Wiley Wallaby’s specialty, and it’s sure to make you a major fan of the Aussie way from the very first bite. This liquorice packs a punch when it comes to flavor, too, so you’ll never be bored by bland liquorice ever again. Go for classic red or black liquorice, or tantalize your taste buds with a distinctive flavor like watermelon, blueberry or green apple. True liquorice lovers may even want to try every flavor to truly indulge in the delicious chewy softness of this Australian treat.

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