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Schladerer Chocolate

Schladerer Chocolate

Indulge your senses in the delightful flavors of Schladerer brandy-filled candies. These delicious chocolate and brandy treats are steeped in German tradition. Schladerer is based in the Black Forest of Germany, and has been producing some of the world's best brandies and liqueurs since 1844. With these candies, you get the combination of beautifully and carefully crafted chocolate along with the enticing flavors of these popular drinks.

Schladerer Pralines - Fruit Brandies Assortment, 255g / 9.0 oz.[ Top ]

World Wide Chocolate

At World Wide Chocolate, we're excited to bring the tradition of Schladerer pralines to customers around the world. With these delicious fruit brandies, you get a lovely treat to enjoy at any time. These particular candies have actually become a popular choice for an after-dinner digestive that can be enjoyed alone or alongside a favorite glass of brandy. The assortment of flavors also ensures that your taste buds are continually tantalizing, whether it's from the tart raspberry flavor of milk chocolates filled with Himbeergeist brandy or the sweet flavors of kirsch (cherry brandy) wrapped in a chocolatey coating. Each one practically melts in your mouth with smooth and creamy deliciousness, making it a compact yet effective way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

There are all sorts of ways to make Schladerer chocolates a special treat for you and your loved ones. Keep some around the house to enjoy when a craving for sweets hits, or bring them out after the meal at your next dinner part to delight and surprise your guests. You can also order an assortment of these tasty treats as a special gift to give a loved one for a holiday or a special occasion like an anniversary. Anyone with an appreciation for the finer things is sure to love the beautifully paired flavors of chocolate and brandy in these Schladerer pralines from World Wide Chocolate.

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