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9th & Larkin Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Single-Origin Luxury Chocolate

Engineer & Analyst, Brian & Lan, began their chocolate-making endeavor in their small kitchen in San Francisco. In one their first few attempts, the two can vividly recall beans, husks and nibs flying in aroudn the kitchen, smoke detectors chiming, & chocolate stains everywhere! Despite going through a number of shirts and kitchen towels, the two succeeded. Their first chocolate bar, and it tasted great! The two thoroughly enjoyed the entire process, almost in a zen mentality the entire time. They continued to pursue the craft, and now have incredible chocolates & narratives to display & indulge upon.

From very high quality beans, the two sort, roast, crack, winnow, grind & refine. Each bean is tested along the way: roasted differently, grinded for different amount of times, and all yield different results on your palate. Some are incredible, some need some re-working. Of all these tests, Brian & Lan select only those they love. Each blend has a story on its on, and once the recipe is refined, the bars are handcrafted in small batches, hand-wraped, and beautifully shared with you.

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9th Larkin Ucayali Peru 72 Dark Chocolate Bar-min

Ucayali Peru 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

From the Amazonian Rainforest of Eastern Peru

Ucayali River Cacao is a central fermentary along the Ucayali River outside of the Peruvian city of Pucallpa. They work with around 400 smallholder farmers, buy wet beans at a premium price, and do the post harvest (fermentation and drying) at their central facility. Their goal is to produce the high quality fine flavor cacao while helping the farmers in the area to earn legitimate income from the cacao production. Tasting note: A nice symphony of chocolate and fruity notes, with hints of walnuts and cedar.

Tien Giang Vietnam 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

A Province in the Mekong Delta Region of Southern Vietnam

Located in Mekong Delta region, Tien Giang is a province in southern part of Vietnam. This is where the world’s 12th longest river, Mekong, runs through and gives soil red color and rich nutrition. Being situated near the equator, with average temperature of 81°F (27°C), good rainfall, and highly fertile soil, Tien Giang is an ideal place for growing cacao. Cacao trees have been introduced to Vietnam in the 19th century but not until recently, thanks to the craft chocolate evolution, has cacao grown in Vietnam got the attention it deserves. After harvesting, pods are opened with machete, fermentation is done in wooden boxes and beans are then dried above the ground on bamboo trellis. Farmers are paid well beyond Fair Trade cocoa prices and they also receive financial assistance, feedback and technical support throughout the harvest season. This blend has tasting notes of brown sugar, nuts & cinnamon, with hints of figs and persimmon on a solid chocolate background.

9th & Larkin Tien Giang Vietnam 70% Dark Chocolate Bar-min
9th & Larkin Dak Nong Vietnam 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Dak Nong Vietnam 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Limited Edition | While Supplies Last

Dak Nong is located in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. The weather is cool and fresh throughout the year compared to the rest of the country. Just 200 miles away from Tien Giang Province, where 9th & Larkin produces another Vietnam origin blend (seen below), but the flavor profiles of these two origins are noticeably different. This blend has tasting notes of cocoa, dried persimmon and raisins on top of a solid chocolate background.

Wampusirpi Honduras 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Working with Cacao Direct

9th & Larkin sources their Wampusirpi beans from Cacao Direct. The majority of their cacao is from La Mosquitia region, where Wampusirpi is located, and it’s so remote that they have to use canoes to transport the beans. Cacao Direct buys beans directly from farmers of all sizes from small to large, creates fair opportunity for farmers of various production capacities; the program also pays them above market rate and provides them with extensive training and tools to increase their crop productivity and earnings. This blend portrays nutty notes, along with caramel, dried fruits & coffee.

9th & Larkin Wampusirpi Honduras 72% Dark Chocolate Bar
9th & Larkin Kokoa Kamili Tanzania 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Kokoa Kamili Tanzania 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Working with Kokoa Kamili Co-op

Kokoa Kamili Co-op works with nearly 3,000 smallholder farmers in Kilombero, Mogorogo region of Tanzania. Most of the farms are small, just between 0.5-2 acres of cocoa. Kokoa Kamili pays a premium–well above the market rate–to farmers for their ‘wet’ cocoa, and conducts its own fermentation and drying. By taking over the fermentation and drying process, Kokoa Kamili can produce more consistently higher quality cocoa beans while simultaneously giving farmers a reduced workload, along with greater compensation. After fermentation and drying, their beans are hand-sorted before packed into jute sacks. Kokoa Kamili also distributes cocoa seedlings to farmers in the community. and they have aided in the planting of over 140,000 trees in the past three years. This blend is quite fruity! You will pick up notes of cherries, berries, raisins, plums, & a slight lemon tang on a nice bright chocolate background.

Matasawalevu Fiji 74% Dark Chocolate Bar

Sourcing from Cacao Fiji

9th & Larkin sources their Fijian beans from Cacao Fiji. Founded in 2014 by Arif Khan, Matasawalevu cocoa is part of a cocoa industry revitalization project on Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu. Arif started Cacao Fiji after tasting a chocolate bar sourced from Fiji beans and learnt about farmers’ struggling in finding markets for their cocoa. As a native Fijian, he decided to return to his home country and made it his mission to revive Fiji’s cacao industry. Through Cacao Fiji, Arif runs the Matasawalevu Cocoa Project at the Matasawalevu Cocoa Farm located on 100 acres in the hills of Dreketi, Macuata in Northern Fiji. The Matasawalevu Cocoa Farm closely follows traditional post-harvest processing techniques and has a reputation for producing high quality cocoa. This blend portrays notes of fudge, caramel & molasses on a nice solid chocolate background.

9th & Larkin Matasawalevu Fiji 74% Dark Chocolate Bar
9th & Larkin Öko-Caribe Dominican Republic 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Öko-Caribe Dominican Republic 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Working with Öko-Caribe Co-op 

Similar to Kokoa Kamili Co-op in Tanzania, in Dominican Republic, Öko-Caribe Co-op also purchases wet beans from smallholder farmers, then ferment and dry them at their centralized processing location in the Duarte Province. Öko-Caribe currently works with 165 farmers who all receive both training & funding. All pods are pre-selected prior to opening as part of Öko-Caribe’s quality protocol; they ferment the beans in cascading 4 tier wooden boxes and use solar drying beds to dry the beans. This blend emits notes of mango, grape, with a hint of honey and walnut skin on a smooth chocolate background.

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