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Belgium has a historical connection to cocoa production dating back to the 17th century, and today, Allez chocolates are a continuation of those deep traditions. The secret is a mixture of quality ingredients, expert processing, and a willingness to embrace innovation. Even though the European Union allows chocolate makers to substitute up to five percent of cocoa butter in their chocolate with other vegetable fats such as palm oil or Shea butter, the Belgian chocolate makers at Allez pride themselves on using 100% cocoa butter to enhance the quality and smoothness of our products. Their chocolate is produced in chip form to make it easier to temper in applications like mousses, ganache, and cookies.
We invite you to go with us in all your chocolate endeavors.

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Dinant 70% Dark Chocolate Discs

64.9% Cocoa Mass, 6.5% Cocoa Butter

With 70% Dinant you get a chocolate of higher cocoa content that won’t overwhelm the palate. It’s stronger flavor profiles are ideal for truffles or blending with fruit flavors like raspberry, strawberry, or blackberry.

Perron 60% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Discs

50% Cocoa Mass, 10.9% Cocoa Butter

Perfect for high-volume users, 60% Perron delivers consistent results that balance vanilla with bittersweet flavor profiles and a strong, cocoa finish. Made with a blend of West African cocoa beans and based on a traditional Belgian recipe.

Namur 55% Semisweet Dark Chocolate Discs

45.5% Cocoa Mass, 12.5% Cocoa Butter

If you’re looking for a chocolate to fit a wide range of applications, 55% Namur is perfect for everyday usage in cookies and mousses. It is reliable, consistent, and easy to temper.

Brogne 35% Milk Chocolate Discs

13% Cocoa Mass, 22.5% Cocoa Butter

When you think of a traditional milk chocolate, 35% Brogne Milk is exactly what you conjure. This traditional milk chocolate has notes of caramel and has a refreshing taste when compared with other milk chocolate varieties.

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Blanche 33% White Chocolate Discs

29.5% Cocoa Butter

Allez’s 33% Blanche is a high-quality white chocolate created in the traditional style. Sweet yet balanced with hints of vanilla, it’s smooth and creamy finish is ideal for a wide range of dessert and pastry applications.

Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate Chunks

45% Cocoa Mass, 1.9% Cocoa Butter

Even though Allez is made in Belgium, our chunks are ideal for American-style cookies. They are semi-sweet and can be used as the perfect topping or on brownies. Because our entire Allez line of chocolates is in couverture chip form, any of our chocolates can be used in cookies, as well.

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