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As one of Italy’s newest chocolate companies, Amedei has already carved out a space in pantheon of exceptional European chocolate-makers. Founded in 1990 by the Italian chocolatier Cecilia Tessieri, Amedei began producing pralines from a small facility in Italy and soon grew to produce a number of other chocolate confectioneries using their own grown cocoa beans and natural ingredients. In less than three decades, Amedei has grown to become one of the world’s premier gourmet-chocolate production companies. At World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to carry a selection of specialty chocolates from Amedei’s current chocolate line. Read on to learn more about our selection and Amedei’s history, and order your Amedei chocolates from us today!

Diverse Chocolates. Exceptional Quality.

Driven by Cecilia Tesseri’s unwavering passion for excellence, the Amedei chocolate company has done nothing but grow in its short three decades of existence. Beginning as a small praline production company in 1990, Amedei soon distinguished itself through quality craftsmanship and great-tasting products. But Cecilia Tesseri was not satisfied. She traveled the world in search of the best cocoa plantations and chocolate production techniques. Her travels took her across Europe, where she found pre-World War 2 machinery that she began to use alongside modern equipment to cultivate an all-new means of chocolate production. Amedei began overseeing the production of its own cocoa and other ingredients, pursuing perfection from the ground up. Judging by the taste of the company’s exquisite chocolate, we can safety say Amedei is almost there.

Amedei Chocolate at Affordable Prices

Today, Amedei produces a wide range of excellent chocolate products – nearly all of which are available to order online here at World Wide Chocolate. Whether you are in the mood for Amedei Porcelana, Amedei Chuao, pralines, truffles or one of the company’s many delicious blended-chocolate products, our gourmet chocolate inventory is the place to shop. Browse our extensive selection below to find the Amedei chocolate creation you’re after, and order with us now!

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