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For many true Belgian chocolate connoisseurs, there is simply no substitution for Belcolade chocolate. Since its inception in 1988, “The Real Belgian Chocolate” has distinguished itself in the chocolate-making world through its unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and excellent chocolate products. In fact, Belcolade is the only Belgian chocolate maker currently producing couverture chocolate. At World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to carry a selection of Belcolade chocolate products at affordable prices. Learn more about Belcolade and our extensive inventory below, and order your Belcolade favorites from our trusted chocolate suppliers today!

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Belcolade Noir Supreme 70.5% Dark Chocolate

Noir Supreme 70.5% Dark Couverture Chocolate

29% Cocoa Solids, 41.5% Cocoa Butter

A 70.5% bittersweet dark chocolate with intense cocoa, earthy and coffee notes.

Noir Superieur 60.5% Dark Couverture Chocolate

26% Cocoa Solids, 34.5% Cocoa Butter

The sensation of a slightly sweet chocolate with a strong cocoa taste and a 60.5% cocoa content.

Belcolade Noir Superieur 60% Dark Chocolate
Belcolade Noir Selection 55% Dark Chocolate

Noir Selection 55.5% Dark Couverture Chocolate

20% Cocoa Solids, 35.5% Cocoa Butter

A balanced, 55.5% dark chocolate with a mild bitterness and a fresh fruity note. Perfect for enrobing, dipping, mousses, ganaches and panning.

Lait Caramel 35% Milk Chocolate with Caramel

6.1% Cocoa Solids, 27.9% Cocoa Butter

An original milk chocolate with a lively caramel taste and a 35% cocoa content.

Belcolade Lait Selection with Caramel
Belcolade Lait Selection 32% Milk Chocolate

Lait Selection 34% Milk Chocolate

4.5% Cocoa Solids, 29.5% Cocoa Butter

The 34% milk chocolate gives off a pleasant cocoa aroma and a sensation of honey.

Blanc Selection 30% White Chocolate

30% Cacao White Chocolate

The perfectly well-balanced standard reference, which is the most preferred in the white chocolate market.

Belcolade Blanc Selection 28% White Chocolate
Belcolade Noir Absolu Ebony 96% Dark Chocolate

Noir Absolu Ebony 96.5% Dark Couverture Chocolate

44% Cocoa Solids, 52.5% Cocoa Butter

The pure cocoa experience. Real Belgian cocoa liquor/cocoa mass, ideal for chocolatiers, confectionaires & baking applications. Minimum cocoa percentage of 96.5%; may contain up to 3.5% of sugar.

Cocoa Butter Discs

Prime-Pressed & Deodorized Cocoa

Pure Prime-Pressed Cocoa Butter is available in handy small drops. For spraying, tempering, cooking. Smart dosage, smart use

Belcolade Cocoa Butter
Belcolade Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder

100% Cacao

Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder has an attractive warm tone and a fat content of 22-24%, perfect for adding taste and colour.

Belgium’s Couverture Chocolate Crown Jewel

Belcolade began producing chocolate in 1988 and has since then earned itself a special place among the country’s chocolate makers. That’s because Belcolade is the only Belgian company that produces couverture chocolate, a special type of chocolate ground to a finer texture during production to contain a greater percentage of cocoa butter relative to its other ingredients than other types of chocolate. Not only that, but Belcolade is the only chocolate producer in the world to produce couverture chocolate in the form of bars, squares, cocoa discs and other treat types. Using the world’s finest ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship practices, Belcolade has developed a World Wide reputation for excellent couverture chocolate in a wide variety of forms.

The Internet’s Premier Belcolade Couverture Chocolate Suppliers

Looking to bring Belgian couverture chocolate into your life? Look no further than our trusted chocolate suppliers here at World Wide Chocolate. We proudly carry an extensive selection of Belcolade Belgian chocolate available to order now at highly-affordable prices. From chocolate discs to large chocolate blocks, our inventory is stocked with the finest couverture chocolate products from the company that does them best. Click on the links below to browse our available Belcolade categories, and place your order with us now!

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