Cacao Barry Cocoa Butter Discs

Cacao Barry Cocoa Butter & Mycryo Powder

Pure Cocoa Butter

Over the last 175 years, Cacao Barry has perfected their craft: creating the very best chocolate. They started out in 1842 as pioneers traveling to the shores of Africa in search of the very best cocoa beans and have since become one of the world leaders in this decadent treat. While times have changed and processes have evolved, one thing has remained consistent – the Cacao Barry commitment to not onlt creating the highest quality of chocolate, but pure cocoa butter as well. Not only do we carry the 3-kilo tub of pure cocoa butter discs, we also have the crystallized butter in the form of ‘Mycryo Powder.’

Mycryo™ Cocoa Butter

Pure Cocoa Butter in a Powder Form

Mycryo is 100% cocoa butter in a crystallized form, and obtained through cryogenisation of cocoa butter, a completely natural process. It yields stronger & healthier results than your typical butter & oils, and can be used in all-purpose baking, frying, anything calling for oil or butter.

Cacao Barry Cocoa Butter Discs

Pure Cocoa Butter Discs

100% Cocoa Butter in Disc Form

This cocoa butter protects from dampness and allows candies to harden. it thins the chocolate used in spray nozzles, in the “pistoles,” or disc form for ease-of-use and measuring purposes.

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