Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder

Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder

Pure Cocoa

With how quickly companies rise and fall, it’s become more and more rare to find a company with decades of experience under their belt. Many times, it’s this experience that sets one chocolatier apart from the rest – you can’t rush the time it takes to learn how to be a master at your craft. Time and dedication are two things that set Cacao Barry apart from the rest of the herd – they have been in business for 175 years, and it’s easy to see, or should we say taste, why. The Barry family traveled around the globe to source the finest cocoa beans to bring home and use to create their legendary confections, ranging from the lightest white chocolates to the most intense dark chocolates. While times have changed and Cacao Barry has evolved, they remain committed to crafting the very best chocolate creations.

Plein Arôme Cocoa Powder

Dark & Fragrant

A brown cocoa powder, very dark and fragrant, to deliciously flavor preparations and biscuits. Packaging may vary while Cacao Barry introduces their new design.

Extra Brute Cocoa Powder

Bright & Intense

A bright and intense red color, this cocoa powder is ideal for coating truffles or for an amber dusting. Applications: Ideal product for mousses, creams, biscuits, ice-creams, sorbets, confectionery coverings, decoration, hot chocolates. Luminous and intense red, very flavorful. Packaging may vary while Cacao Barry introduces their new design.

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