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Cacao Barry Couverture Chocolate

Signature Chocolate Discs, “Pistoles”

Creating the very best chocolate is somewhat similar to crafting a fine wine – it takes time, patience and commitment. You can’t rush the experience needed to become an expert chocolatier. Luckily, Cacao Barry has this experience in spades. Having been founded in 1842, Cacao Barry has 175 years of chocolate-making experience under its belt. The Barry family were pioneers who traveled as far away as Africa to find the very best cocoa beans, which they then brought back to create their world-renowned chocolate. Since then, Cacao Barry has continued to pioneer new and exciting ways of creating the very best chocolate for you, our valued customers.

Héritage Range

Chocolate with Perfect Workability & Regularity

Cacao Barry’s historic range. The first couverture chocolate and specially designed to support chefs in the creation of the iconic French pastry applications.

Cacao Barry Mi-Amère 58% Dark Chocolate Baking Discs
Cacao Barry Guayaquil 64% Dark Baking Chocolate New

Pureté Range

For Respect & Valorization of Cacao

Pureté is focused on the respect and valorization of the cacao fruit. It is the association between art and science, uniting sourcing capabilities, technical expertise and meticulous processing methods. Cacao Barry® discovered that specific enzymes are naturally present in plantations, which reveal the purest and the most intense flavors in every cocoa bean. Thanks to the Q-Fermentation™ process, farmers select natural enzymes and add them to the pulp of the cocoa beans, creating a strong, homogeneous fermentation.

Origine Range

Single-Source Cocoa

Cacao beans sourced from a single country to bring a diversity of flavour that come from each specific origin and bean genetics. With a total of 8 single origines, the aromatic profile of this range features fruity, spicy, smoky or even woody notes.

Cacao Barry Saint Domingue 70% Dark Couverture Chocolate Discs 2
Cacao Barry Alto El Sol Peru Organic 65% Dark Couverture Chocolate Discs

Plantation Range

Distinct Provenance

With a great degree of provenance and traceability, our 2 Plantation chocolates offer a flavour that is distinctive to a single plantation source. Truly natural, these chocolates have individual flavours that also reflect our ideals of fairness, localization, transparency and sustainability.

World Wide Chocolate

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