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Cacao Barry Couverture Chocolate

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Creating the very best chocolate is somewhat similar to crafting a fine wine – it takes time, patience and commitment. You can’t rush the experience needed to become an expert chocolatier. Luckily, Cacao Barry has this experience in spades. Having been founded in 1842, Cacao Barry has 175 years of chocolate-making experience under its belt. The Barry family were pioneers who traveled as far away as Africa to find the very best cocoa beans, which they then brought back to create their world-renowned chocolate. Since then, Cacao Barry has continued to pioneer new and exciting ways of creating the very best chocolate for you, our valued customers.

Cacao Barry’s Héritage Range

Cacao Barry’s historic range. The first couverture chocolate and specially designed to support chefs in the creation of the iconic French pastry applications. Made from carefully selected West-African beans, the Héritage range offers a perfect workability and regularity. Great quality for an affordable price.

Blanc Satin™ 29% White Chocolate

29% Cocoa Butter

This deliciously creamy white chocolate offers a fabulous sweet intensity and delicious notes of caramel and vanilla.

Lactée Barry 35% Milk Chocolate Couverture

32% Cocoa Butter, 3% Fat-Free Cocoa

The intense milk and creamy dairy taste of this pale milk couverture chocolate comes with delightful biscuit notes.

Force Noire™ 50% Dark Chocolate

28% Cocoa Butter, 21% Fat-Free Cocoa

This chocolate of character, intensely dark, charms with its balanced cocoa taste and excellent roundness in the mouth.

Mi-Amère 58% Dark Chocolate Couverture

38% Cocoa Butter, 19% Fat-Free Cocoa

This dark couverture chocolate with delicately roasted cocoa taste reveals subtle sourish vegetal hints.

Chocolat Amer 60% Dark Chocolate Couverture

33% Cocoa Butter, 27% Fat-Free Cocoa

The intense cocoa taste of this dark chocolate is complimented by subtle herbaceous and fruity notes.

Cacao Barry’s Pureté Range

A range of intense, pure flavours from 100% traceable and sustainable cocoa from West-Africa. Pureté range is our commitment to ensure the future availability of quality cacao.

By investing strongly in educating farmers on pre- and post-harvesting techniques we optimise the flavour creation, development and minimize defected beans, hence increasing the yield. The quality is optimised by a unique fermentation program that unleashes the full natural aromatic potential of the cocoa beans.

Pureté is the next generation of chocolates to unbox chefs’ creativity.

Lactée Supérieure 38% Milk Chocolate Couverture

32% Cocoa Butter, 6% Fat-Free Cocoa

This dark-colored milk couverture chocolate with powerful roasted cocoa taste is enriched by a bouquet of aromatic hints. Packaging may vary while Cacao Barry incorporates their new design.

Extra-Bitter Guayaquil 64% Dark Chocolate Couverture

41% Cocoa Butter, 23% Fat-Free Cocoa

This bitter dark couverture chocolate with roasted notes has a powerful cocoa flavour delicately lifted with a hint of coffee and chestnut.

Cacao Barry’s Origine Range

Cacao beans sourced from a single country to bring a diversity of flavour that come from each specific origin and bean genetics. With a total of 8 single origines, the aromatic profile of this range features fruity, spicy, smoky or even woody notes.

Due to the blending of carefully selected fine cacao from trusted partners, our experts are able to offer a single origin range with each bringing a regularity of bespoke, tasting notes.


Fleur de Cao™ 70% Dark Chocolate Couverture

42% Cocoa Butter, 27% Fat-Free Cocoa

This dark couverture chocolate affirms a powerful cocoa flavor enriched with subtle floral and fruity-sourish notes.

Saint Domingue 70% Dark Chocolate Couverture

42% Cocoa Butter, 27% Fat-Free Cocoa

The Hispaniola beans that go into Saint Domingue reflect the lush island landscapes of their origin on the Greater Antilles archipelago. Exotic and fruity, Saint Domingue has a rounded, bitter cocoa flavor with an exceptionally long finish, complemented by aromatic notes of spices, wine and olives.

Cacao Barry Saint Domingue 70% Dark Couverture Chocolate Discs
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