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11 Pounds of Pure Chocolate

Discover the difference in your culinary projects when you use quality, Belgian couverture chocolate. These Callebaut chocolate blocks are 11 pounds each, crafted from the finest sustainably grown African cacao beans. Callebaut chocolate is known for its rich quality, its high cacao content and its superb workability. It is world-renowned among the finest gourmet and culinary professionals.

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Recipe No. 811: 54.5% Dark Couverture Chocolate

36.6% Cocoa Butter, 19.4% Cocoa Solids

Well-Rounded, Balanced Dark Chocolate.

Callebaut’s Recipe No. 811 was created by Octaaf Callebaut and has since grown into one of their most iconic recipes. This blend is created from the signature “Wieze cocoa blend;” by roasting whole beans, it guarantees its full taste with a solid cocoa body and fine top-notes. It has a round, extremely well-balanced chocolate taste, smooth cocoa and a pleasant intensity. As a preferred chocolate for chefs around the world, 811 is Callebaut’s all-round chocolate for confectionery, ganaches, mousses, biscuits, sauces, drinks, and much more!

Recipe No. L-60-40: 60.6% Dark Chocolate

30.3% Cocoa Butter, 32.3% Cocoa Solids

The All-Round Dark Chocolate for Large Molds and Ganache.

This dark blend has an intense chocolate taste, and a very low fluidity. Although it is dominated by roasted cocoa notes, it has sufficient sweetness to appeal to a broader audience. Its extremely low fluidity makes it the dream chocolate for molding large hollow figures in one go. It also has the perfect texture for creating ganaches, providing them with a semi-soft/semi-solid bite that immediately melts in the mouth. The L-60-40 also makes a perfect base for homemade chocolate spreads, fudges and caramels, combining intense taste with a smooth texture. What’s more? The L-60-40 can be paired with many fruity and spicy ingredients or even coffees and teas to create exciting taste combinations.

Recipe No. 70-30-38: 70.5% Dark Couverture Chocolate

38.9% Cocoa Butter, 33.6% Cocoa Solids

When Dark and Intense is what you’re Looking for.

This blend is favored by many chefs and chocolatiers around the world. It has an intense yet balanced chocolate taste, dominated by its solid body of roasted cocoa and powerful bitters. The right dash of acidity and sweetness create balance and contrast. Perfect to boost the chocolate flavor in your creations, it also leaves plenty of space for creativity with pairings than many other chocolates with a comparable abundance of cocoa. With a standard fluidity, it guarantees great end-results in a wide variety of applications: molding and enrobing of confectionery, flavoring of ganache, mousse, crèmes, crémeux, ice cream, sauces.

Recipe No. CM-CAL: 100% Pure Cocoa Mass

100% Intense Cocoa.

This blend is created from 100% pure cocoa, made from roasted beans and ground into a smooth and homogeneous liquor. This unsweetened soul of chocolate is great for tuning and intensifying the flavor of your chocolates. It can easily be mixed with chocolate to achieve a more intense taste and color, or to create you signature chocolate recipe. It also creates a great ingredient for flavoring ice cream, ganaches, pralines, or other ingredient bases to achieve a deeper, darker color and intense cocoa taste. These beans are meticulously ground in stages to obtain the highest level of fineness. At the base lies a cocoa bean blend, of mainly West African cocoa beans for a solid cocoa body, topped with beans from Asia and Latin America to create the top notes and finer flavors.

Recipe No. CW2: 25.9% White Chocolate

25.9% Cocoa Butter, 6.5% Milk Fat, 17.2% Fat-Free Milk

Ideal for Molding Large Hollow Figures and Ganaches.

CW2 is based on one of Callebaut’s classic white chocolates – the W2 – although contains about 3% less cocoa butter and milk fat which makes it less fluid. It has a balanced creamy and milky taste, topped with pleasant vanilla notes. Thanks to its less-fluid texture, this blend is the ideal white chocolate for molding medium and bigger-sized hollow figures in one go. It also is the perfect white blend for ganaches and fillings with a creamy taste and a smooth mouthfeel. Since this chocolate is easy to pair with a wide variety of exotic fruits, citrus, and acidic fruits and berries, peppery spices, beers, and much more. It enables you to exploit all your creativity and imagination in creating ganaches with your signature personal flavor.

Recipe No. C823: 31.7% Milk Chocolate

28.2% Cocoa Butter, 5% Cocoa Solids, 6.2% Milk Fat, 16.3% Fat-Free Milk

Great for Ganaches and Molding Medium-to-Larger Sized hollow figures.

C823 is the less-fluid varietal of Callebaut’s iconic 823 milk chocolate. It stands out with a deep, warm color; prominent roasted cocoa flavors and seductive caramelly notes. It has a generous taste and great reputation in workability, as it can be paired with a wide variety of powerful fruit, spicy, dairy or liquor-like flavors. The C823 consists of about 3% less cocoa butter than the 823, thus less fluid and ideal for creating ganaches with a stable, thicker texture. The C823 also allows molding of larger, hollow figures with a thicker shell. This blend also is great for homemade cake decorations: when tempered, the less fluid texture keeps the chocolate from becoming runny too easily.

Recipe No. 845: 32.7% Milk Chocolate

29% Cocoa Butter, 5.2% Cocoa Solids, 8.1% Milk Fat, 20.7% Fat-Free Milk

Cocoa, Caramel, Milk, Cream and Refreshing Fruity Flavors create a Complete Sensory Experience.

845 is a one-of-a-kind milk chocolate. It has a warm color and a comprehensive taste that explores the entire palate: bitters, sweets, sours…it’s all there, and delightfully intense. For this recipe, Callebaut’s master chocolate makers select special block milk which shapes the typically pronounced caramel notes in this chocolate after conching. The 845 is perfectly suited for molding and enrobing confectionery, or in any other applications that require an intense chocolate taste. With its standard fluidity, it delivers great end results in many other applications too. As a base for chocolate ganache, or to flavor pastry components, ice cream, sauces, and more.

Recipe No. GIA Gianduja Block

75% Milk Chocolate, 25% Hazelnuts.

Pale Gianduja

This blend is a smooth mix of Callebaut’s milk chocolate and pure medium roasted hazelnut paste. The cream is mixed, conched, and tempered by the master concher to create a lovely balanced taste, and a smooth, creamy and homogeneous texture for a great mouthfeel. After softening, it can be piped into molded pralines, shells, or chocolate bars and tablets. After melting, it becomes a perfect base for flavoring ice cream and pastry interiors such as mousse, bavarois and crémeux. Gianduja also works wonders in flavoring desserts such as sabayon, mœlleux and more.

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