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Chocolat Bonnat

Bonnat Chocolate from Voiron, France

Bonnat is a family-run company in Voiron, France. It has been handed down from generation to generation for over 130 years. It is currently headed by the founder’s great-grandson, Stéphane Bonnat. Founded in the late 19th century by Felix Bonnat, the company’s first successful chocolate was Pavés de Voiron, cube-shaped pralines wrapped in foil that became an instant hit. Over the years, their selection expanded to include many types of chocolate. In 1983, they began manufacturing chocolate bars made solely with cocoa beans from the same origin. Today, Stéphane collaborates with partners to source the finest cocoa beans in Africa and Asia, and spends several months each year visiting Peru, Mexico, Venezuela Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti and Cuba in search of rare cocoa species. Our selection includes a blend of creamy milk chocolate bars as well as velvety-rich single origin dark chocolate. Each bar is named for the region where the cocoa beans used to manufacture the chocolate was sourced.

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Les Grands Crus d’Exception

Each land has its own story, its own subtle composition of nature and culture. Life blooms there, generously nourished by the secret essence of minerals, by the sun, the winds, streams and rivers. Yet, what truly makes the Terroir is the union of natural elements and human expertise. This includes not only the choice of land, but also the weather cycles, and the skill required to encourage the plant to grow, protecting it and guiding it so that it may fully express its unique qualities.

Cacao real del Xoconuzco: Single-Origin Mexico

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Real Del Xoconuzco cocoa is the first cocoa known to have been harvested by man. In Mexico, it was given to Emperors of pre-Columbian civilisations, to bring them strength and courage. It was also the first cocoa to cross the ocean, much to the delight of European palates. Yet, the cocoa trees of Xoconuzco are difficult to grow and were gradually abandoned, despite their fantastic flavours. For the first time since 1850, we can now offer you the chance to experience the entrancing fragrance and exceptional flavours of this cocoa, whose history is so very linked to our own.

Porcelana: Single-Origin Venezuela

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

This extremely rare cocoa is grown at an ancestral plantation in Venezuela and has an annual harvest of less than 1000kg. The name of the cocoa originates from the porcelain white color of its cocoa beans. This cocoa has a very balanced aroma and the complex flavors of the land of Lake Maracaibo, which will delight your palate. With its combination of strong fragrance and delicate flavors, this chocolate will captivate any lover of exception.


Selva Maya®: Single-Origin Mexico

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Selva Maya Mexico : From the deepest of Mayan territory in the heart of Chiapas, these ancient cocoas that make up this tablet have been rediscovered after several years of research and adventure. Very balanced, fruity, intense and delicate, this chocolate restores the tastes and scents of the fertile lands of Mexico.

Haïti: Single-Origin Haiti

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

This rich and fragrant cocoa has a very chocolatey flavor which glides into a light overtone of citrus. The cocoa is harvested by farmers with the help of the association Veterinarians without Borders and the pleasure of your taste buds can support large-scale economic and social program with the Bonnat Chocolaterie. 

Piura Blanco: Single-Origin Peru

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Piura is a type of Criollo cocoa with white cocoa beans which comes straight from the Alto Piura valley in Peru. Harvested at high altitude from the mountain slopes by 12 organizations of small producers which form the Quémazon community, this cocoa makes very light chocolate with a slightly acidic flavor.

Cacao Cusco: Single-Origin Peru

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Cusco cocoa is without a doubt one of the oldest cocoas harvested by man. In the Amazonian region of Peru, close to the sacred valley of the Incas, the cocoa trees produce rich cocoa beans with a delicate aroma and subtle notes of cane sugar which end on a strong taste of cocoa.

Los Colorados: Single-Origin Ecuador

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Created in 2015, this fruity, floral Grand Cru is smooth and full of sweetness. It is a rare forest cocoa harvested by the Tsachilas Indians, who call themselves Los Colorados (the colored).

Les Grands Crus Lait

Discover and compare now FOUR very special cocoa origins with the Grands Crus Lait. Casse claire cocoa beans from Indonesia allow milk chocolate with a higher cocoa content than usual (65%) to be made. Asfarth, Java and Surabaya will allow you to travel to new plains of taste. Interested in another origin? Try Bonnat’s latest creation: Morenita; a 65% milk chocolate with cocoa from Mexico.

Morenita: Single-Origin Mexico

65% Cacao Milk Chocolate Bar

This dark milk chocolate bar incorporates rare Mexican cacao whose natural color recalls the warm shade of a summer tan. This beautiful color allows the production of a milk chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, while allowing the caramel shade to be applied which suits any self-respecting milk chocolate. Very aromatic, this chocolate will make you discover light floral scents, spices and sometimes fresh mint while the more-intense cocoa profile invades your palate.

Asfarth: North Sumatra, Indonesia

65% Cacao Milk Chocolate Bar

This casse claire cocoa harvested in Sumatra produces chocolate with a soft and floral fragrance.

Java: North Java, Indonesia

65% Cacao Milk Chocolate Bar

This powerful and aromatic casse claire cocoa from the island of Java produces chocolate with an entrancing fragrance.

Surabaya: East Java, Indonesia

65% Cacao Milk Chocolate Bar

This casse claire cocoa harvested in the Eastern side of the island of Java has soft and intense aromas, very rarely associated with a milk chocolate.

Les Grands Crus Historiques

The Grands Crus Historiques and the Grands Crus d’Exception, selected by Stéphane Bonnat, are bars from true terroirs, with unique and unparalleled characteristics, without any inclusion of other types of cocoa. These flagship products of Maison Bonnat are honoured with the highest international awards.

Chuao: Single-Origin Venezuela

Indisputable #1 | Powerful & Hot

For five thousand years, the soul of Chuao has shaped its landscapes and the cocoa grown here by generations of farmers remains the absolute benchmark for chocolate lovers. The original cocoa of the Grands Crus, it reaps the benefits of Venezuela’s unique soil and climate. The farmers cultivate their magical forest, between the ocean and the mountains, with simplicity, pride, and skill. Chuao is the jewel of the Grands Crus Historiques created by Raymond Bonnat in 1983. Within it, we faithfully reproduce the cocoa’s pure and powerful notes.


Fair, Soft, Fruity, Balanced

Madagascar is like the winds and currents of the Indian Ocean: refined, mysterious, gentle and unpredictable. The great island gives the cocoa its character; its notes are soft, fruity, surprising and always fair.

Ceylan: Single-Origin Sri Lanka

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

A hearty cocoa with a nevertheless smooth, rounded taste filled with the flavors of Asia.

Trinité: Trinity Island, Venezuela

Bright, Passionate & Sunny

Located near to Venezuela, the last pearl of the Antilles, Trinity Island, has entwined its history with the adventure of cocoa for close to five hundred years. With its dreamy landscapes and warm welcome, Trinity Island is filled with legends, both those of the Caribbean and those of its first inhabitants, who elected a beautiful ambassador, responsible for forging happy relationships with the continent and encouraging commerce. The Grand Cru Trinité is friendly and patient, while at the same time showcasing the vitality and light of its native land.

Équateur: Single-Origin Ecuador

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Colour of the sun, subtle and delicate perfume in which you guess an aftertaste of flowers and honey.

Puerto Cabello: Venezuela

Fine & Tonic for a Long-Lasting Palate

The gateway to Venezuela for over four hundred years, Puerto Cabello is a major centre for cocoa trading with Europe. It was once full of challenges and encounters, the threshold to a new world. From this sense of adventure, effort and action, we have gained a philosophy, calmer values, and a spirit of solid cooperation with very experienced farmers.

Hacienda El Rosario: Venezuela

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Wonderful cocoa, multiplicity of delicate perfumes, power and sensitivity. It will please the enlightened amateurs. Bonnat’s family has been present in Venezuela for centuries and we have developed a very strong affinity with the historical cocoa production sites. Our visits to these original lands are always a learning experience for us, as we continue to search for the perfect taste, for rediscovered essence, ever closer to the chocolatier’s ideal.

100% Single-Origin Chocolate: Madagascar

100% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Pure 100% cocoa. No additives, this chocolate bar truly encapsulates cocoa’s natural aroma.

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