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Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bars

High-Quality Belgian Dark Chocolate

We dare you to try and order just one Chocolove chocolate bar. With so many enticing flavors, it’s practically impossible not to add multiple options to your cart so you can try them all. From refreshing and light tastes of orange peel, ginger or peppermint to the delicious crunch of almonds, pretzels or pecans, these chocolate bar flavors are simply tantalizing to the taste buds. You’ll love trying unique combinations like chilies and cherries in dark chocolate or peach and pecan in milk chocolate. From the robust, intense flavors of high cocoa percentages to the creamy decadence of milk chocolate, these flavors are sure to keep your sweet tooth on its toes.

Besides the superior flavor selection, Chocolove candy bars are also special in that they include love poems on the inside of each wrapper. Those Chocolove poems make these candy bars the perfect love letter to someone special for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or other special occasion. Choose from the variety of spectacular flavor combinations and colorful and attractive wrappers to come up with a gift they’re sure to remember forever. When you shop at World Wide Chocolate, you’ll get the best prices on these delectable Belgian chocolate bars.

Pure Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

African cocoa beans impart a full bodied toasted cocoa flavor to this chocolate. The 55% cocoa content may be termed bittersweet by some manufacturers, however the careful bean selection, roasting and very fine grinding create an extremely smooth and delicious dark chocolate. The balance of cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter and fine grind create a chocolate that melts quickly in your mouth. Those who thought they didn’t like dark chocolate usually find this dark chocolate delicious.

Rich Dark Chocolate

65% Cocoa Content

This is a rich chocolate with 65% cocoa content made from a blend of African and Caribbean cocoa beans for complex aroma and rich flavor. The Caribbean cocoa beans add subtle hints of fruit and vanilla like notes. The beans are carefully roasted to retain some complexity in the flavor profile. Extra cocoa butter is added for smoothness. Sugar plays only a supporting role in the flavor profile. A long conching time produces an exceptionally fine particle size and balanced flavor. Upon eating, the complex aroma with hints of fruit gives way to a rich cocoa flavor. The extra cocoa butter and minimal sugar assist with quick melt, smoothness and a pleasant cocoa aftertaste.

Strong Dark Chocolate

70% Cocoa Content

This is a very strong chocolate with 70% cocoa content. The rich blend of African cocoa beans has a small amount of Caribbean cocoa beans added to create a full-bodied chocolate. It’s carefully roasted for complete development of cocoa-flavor notes. Extra cocoa butter is added to balance to the strong cocoa flavor and provide a smooth mouth feel. Just enough sugar is used to soften the bitter notes. A long conching time produces an exceptionally fine particle size and a balanced flavor. Upon eating, the cocoa butter quickly gives way to a strong cocoa flavor. The intense and rounded cocoa flavor carries through in a long lasting, but smooth, aftertaste. This is a strong cocoa flavor from start to finish.

Extra Strong Dark Chocolate

77% Cocoa Content

This chocolate bar, with its 77% cocoa content, is one of the strongest chocolate bars made for eating. Especially for the dedicated chocolate enthusiast, it has been crafted to deliver intense cocoa flavor while keeping bitterness and acidity in check. This artful blend of Belgian and French chocolates is made from African and South American cocoa beans.

Extreme Dark Chocolate

88% Cocoa Content

Intense chocolate with subtle nuances of fruit notes from a variety of cocoa origins; all balanced in a smooth high cocoa butter content. High cocoa content of 88% means high pol-phenol content and low sugar

Organic Dark Chocolate

73% Cocoa Content

On a Caribbean island, organic farming has stimulated the cocoa trees to produce cocoa beans that are full of character. The big fruity flavor, acidity, and bitterness of the beans are artfully crafted into a balanced full – bodied premium chocolate as only the Belgians know how to do. Upon eating, the extra cocoa butter softly gives way to tangy, bittersweet cocoa flavor. Satisfying and intriguing, you’ll want more.

Organic Dark Chocolate with Cherries

73% Cocoa Content

Intense dark chocolate flavors give way immediately to bright cherry flavors, then transition nicely to chewy tangy cherry pieces. This 73% dark chocolate is Fair Trade organic, and combined with dried cherries. It is delicious.

Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

Dark semisweet chocolate, whole dry roasted almonds and sea salt. At first bite, crunchy almonds release their flavor in a swirl with chocolate. The sea salt crystals continually reset your sweet taste buds and make a tantalizing taste combination that keeps you wanting more.

Almonds, Toffee & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

Premium Belgian dark chocolate with sweet almond toffee, whole dry roasted almonds & sea salt. This 55% cocoa bar is inspired by a French love of salted caramels and almonds, permitting sweet, buttery toffee combines perfectly with crunchy almonds and sea salt crystals.

Almonds & Sea Salt in Strong Dark Chocolate

70% Cocoa Content

Strong Belgian dark chocolate with whole dry roasted almonds and a touch of sea salt crystals. This 70% cocoa bar is full of whole dry roasted almonds and sea salt, and will certainly not disappoint.

Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

This is a rich Belgian Dark chocolate with Cherries and Almonds. The crunchy chewy combination of cherries and almonds provides a delicious flavor contrast initially and gradually blends in with the rich complex cocoa flavor of the dark chocolate. This chocolate is made primarily from African cocoa beans. The 55% cocoa content provides just enough sweetness with a full-bodied cocoa flavor. This dynamic combination is sure to please the most discriminating chocolate lover.

Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

Ancho and chipotle chilies supply the heat and dried cherries supply the sweet in a bar of smooth Belgian chocolate that will warm the hearts of many. Share it with someone you love, or at least like, and do something hot!

Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

Dark semisweet chocolate with roasted coffee bean bits. At first bite, the creamy dark chocolate gives way to crunchy bits of coffee bean. The coffee continues to release flavor as you munch. Each 30 grams of chocolate equals about one cup of coffee.

Salted Caramel in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

Classic European chocolate gives way to premium salted caramel filling, serves up a new twist on a classic French treat.

Salted Almond Butter in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

Creamy salted almond butter in premium 55% Belgian dark chocolate. This Classic European chocolate gives way to creamy salted almond butter filling, serving up a new twist on a classic American taste.

Crystallized Ginger in Rich Dark Chocolate

65% Cocoa Content

Rich, dark 65% cocoa content chocolate gives way to soft sugar crystals coating moist chunks of ginger. The Caribbean cocoa beans and 65% cocoa content match the initially sweet and hot-spicy flavor of the ginger. The transition from chocolate to ginger on the finish leaves you wanting more!

Peppermint in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

Creamy dark chocolate and refreshing peppermint, the flavors swirl on your palate ending in a cool mint finish

Raspberries in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

Freeze drying captures the tart and tangy flavor of raspberries, which are enveloped in smooth, dark Belgian chocolate. As the chocolate melts, the crispy bits of raspberries burst with flavor. The chocolate and raspberries contrast initially, and then come together in a harmonious union, finishing with a chocolate note and tiny raspberry seeds.

Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate

55% Cocoa Content

Freeze drying captures the aromatic flavor of orange peel, which is enveloped in smooth Belgian chocolate. In the mouth, the chocolate melts and the crispy bits of orange peel release their flavor. Chocolate and orange unite exquisitely, then relax into a lasting orange finish.

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