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Chocolove Ruby Cacao Bars

Ruby Chocolate

Ruby Chocolate is the latest classification of the term, created by the Barry Callebaut Co. Since its initial development in 2004, it was released in 2017 to the public. This new chocolate is made from “ruby” cocoa beans, which, in appearance, has a similar hue as white chocolate, but with a distinct pink, or ruby, color-tone. This coloring, nor the berry-notes are artificial, rather all natural. It has a distinct sweet fruity flavor, with some subtle sour tones. Chocolove now manufactures this Ruby blend, with no artificial taste or coloring.

Pure Ruby Chocolate

34% Cocoa Content

A new chocolate – not dark, milk, nor white. Completely natural, this pink-toned chocolate does not have any added coloring or fruit flavoring. The pink hue is the natural cocoa color, and entirely new. Indulge in this fruity smooth chocolate bar today.

Ruby Cacao Bar with Passion Fruit Filling

34% Cocoa Content

Taking the ever-so-popular Ruby Cacao bar, and balancing with the tropical, sweet, & tart flavor of passion fruit. This is truly a lusciously smooth experience, made with natural Ruby Cacao beans, with no color or berry flavor added.

Ruby Cacao Bar with Pink Grapefruit Filling

34% Ruby Chocolate

Taking the ever-so-popular fruity notes of the Ruby Cacao bar, and pairing with the tangy citrus flavor of pink grapefruit. This is truly a unique and refreshing taste sensation, made with natural Ruby Cacao beans, with no color or berry flavor added.

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