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The folks at Dick Taylor have discovered that taking a hands-on approach to chocolate manufacturing makes all the difference when it comes to quality and taste. This Eureka, California-based company started out building furniture and wooden boats. Later, that same hand-crafted skill was applied to the chocolate-making process. Each and every step is given an incredible amount of attention and care, whether it’s sourcing the organic cacao and sugar cane, slowly roasting to bring out the full flavor of each and every bean or molding and tempering the final pieces of chocolate. The entire manufacturing process can take three weeks, but that slow and careful approach ensures that every chocolate bar has the very best flavor and quality possible.

Dick Taylor chocolate is known for the subtle nuances in flavor discovered in each candy bar. Ingredients like vanilla, additional cocoa butter and other emulsifiers are left out so that the original and pure cacao flavor can truly shine. That’s especially evident when trying different Dick Taylor chocolate bars with cacao sourced from various places around the world. Each bar is labeled according to where the fair-trade cacao was sourced from, whether that is Belize, Madagascar or another location known for its exceptional cocoa beans. In just one bite, it’s easy to see how different the chocolate from each of these locations tastes.

In addition to boasting some of the most pure and rich cacao flavors from around the world, Dick Taylor chocolate bars are also incredibly beautiful. Each one features lovely antique-looking packaging along with gorgeous carved patterns on the chocolate inside. This adds to the luxurious experience of eating Dick Taylor chocolate and also makes these tasty bars a delightful gift option for anyone with a sweet tooth. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a very special and flavorful chocolate bar, be sure to order Dick Taylor chocolates from World Wide Chocolate.

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