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Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Artisan Chocolate

The folks at Dick Taylor have discovered that taking a hands-on approach to chocolate manufacturing makes all the difference when it comes to quality and taste. This Eureka, California-based company started out building furniture and wooden boats. Later, that same hand-crafted skill was applied to the chocolate-making process. Each and every step is given an incredible amount of attention and care, whether it’s sourcing the organic cacao and sugar cane, slowly roasting to bring out the full flavor of each and every bean or molding and tempering the final pieces of chocolate. The entire manufacturing process can take three weeks, but that slow and careful approach ensures that every chocolate bar has the very best flavor and quality possible.

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Chocolate Coated Almonds

Almonds in Belize 72% Dark Chocolate

This delicious treat is made by delicately roasting organic California almonds. Using traditional coating pans, we slowly build layer upon layer of our 72% Belize dark chocolate. We hope you enjoy our elegant take on this traditional confection.

Belize 70% Dark Chocolate Couverture

1-Kilo Couverture Blocks

1 kg block of 70% Belize Dark Chocolate Couverture from Dick Taylor’s professional line of chocolate for bakers and confectioners. This award winning single-origin Belize is crafted from bean to bar in northern California; wonderfully nuanced, full of floral and dried fruit notes.

Belize 72% Dark Chocolate Bar with Vanilla Raspberry

While Supplies Last

The concept behind the vanilla raspberry was to create a blend of visual and flavor elements. First of all, the almost neon pink color of the freeze-dried raspberries is the first thing you notice and is a stunning visual accent to the deep rich color of the chocolate. Flavor wise, the raspberry fills a flavor space that is absent from chocolate. The tartness of the raspberry is a stark contrast to the ripe fruit flavors in the Belize dark chocolate. The small addition of the vanilla coconut palm sugar rounds out the aroma and gives it a slight sweetness. Overall, the bar is just fun to eat, an experience engaging all the senses.

Bachelor’s Hall Estate, Jamaica 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

Limited Release – While Supplies Last

Using the finest Jamaican Cacao from Bachelor’s Hall Single-Estate, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate incorporates European Techniques. This chocolate is crafted carefully from bean to bar in their small factory in northern California.

Brazil 70% Dark Chocolate Bar with Bee Pollen & Fennel

Seasonal Release

Drawing inspiration not only from the summer garden, but also the insects that help make it happen. The foundation of this bar is a special 70% Brazil that blends seamlessly with the floral notes of fennel. The bee pollen contributes an effervescent citrus punch, reminding us of the best that summer brings.

Belize 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Aroma | Flavor | Finish: Dried Plum | Tart Cherry | Jasmine

From the Toledo District, in southern Belize comes an exceptional cacao. Maya Mountain Cacao is a small co-op that has been working with local Mayan farmers to improve not only the quality of the cacao they farm but also their quality of life. They are succeeding on both levels and this award winning bar is proof of that, wonderfully nuanced, full of floral and dried fruit notes. We hope you will appreciate the hard work and care that goes into this bar.

Northerner Blend 73% Dark Chocolate

Aroma | Flavor | Finish: Dried Apricot | Honey | Cocoa

The SS Northerner sailed for the last time on January 5, 1860 when she struck Blunts reef, was breached and wrecked. Constructed of wood, she was a hard working side-wheeled steam ship transporting not only passengers, but also cargo of gold and mail throughout the Pacific Northwest from San Francisco to the Columbia River. Her wreck was one of the first in a long history of vessels lost facing the treacherous waters off Humboldt County. This bar, named after the Northerner, hopes to capture the rugged and bold nature of the early ships to work these waters.

Brazil 75% Dark Chocolate

Aroma | Flavor | Finish: Honeysuckle | Fresh Grape | Walnut

Fazenda Camboa, in the Bahia region of Brazil, was founded in 1942 by the Carvalho family. What started as a small family farm quickly grew to be one of the most important estates in the area. Sadly, the farm almost closed in the 90’s as they suffered through years of a cacao disease called “Witches Broom” which destroyed nearly 96% of the farms annual output. Despite the hardship the Carvalho family, using their tremendous amount of experience, has battled back by, and little by little has rebuilt volume and greatly improved quality. Now, building on a solid foundation, they have grown to become the largest organic producer of cacao in the region. We are pleased to be one of the few American chocolate makers to be using this cacao.We feel like the rich history shines through in a very unique and highly enjoyable chocolate.

Madagascar 72% Dark Chocolate

Aroma | Flavor | Finish: Molasses | Orange | Raisins/Toast

The Cacao from Bertil Akesson’s plantation in the Sambirano Valley of Madagascar is hands down some of the best and most consistent in the world. It was the first cacao we ever purchased and made into chocolate and continues to be one of our favorites. Classic citrus notes are balanced with fruit and nut. This chocolate continues to improve and challenge our pallets batch after batch.

Madagascar 58% Dark Milk Chocolate

A True Dark Milk Chocolate

Dark Milk Chocolate is a perfect blend of Humboldt County dairy and Madagascan cacao with rich notes of dried prunes, almond butter and caramel.

Fleur de Sel 73% Dark Chocolate

With Hand-Harvested Sea Salt from Guatemala

The 73% Northerner blend is paired with subtle and delicate hand-harvested Guatemalan sea salt by Bitterman Salt Co. – a perfect blend of sweet & savory.

Brown Butter & Sea Salt in 73% Dark Chocolate

Savory & Smooth

Browned Humboldt Creamery butter paired with Dick Taylor’s 73% Northerner Blend, hand-sprinkled with roasted cacao nibs and sea salt.

Sightglass Coffee in 68% Dark Chocolate

With Owl’s Howl Espresso

Working with Sightglass, a company recognized for their intense focus on quality, Dick Taylor created an exclusive chocolate blend to highlight their exceptional coffees. D.T. refines a hefty dose of Owl’s Howl espresso into the chocolate, creating a silky smooth and balanced chocolate bar.

Madagascar 72% Dark Chocolate Bar with Black Fig

A Harmonious Blend

The Cacao from Bertil Akesson’s plantation in the Sambirano Valley of Madagascar is hands down some of the best and most consistent in the world. It was the first cacao we ever purchased and made into chocolate and continues to be one of our favorites. Classic citrus notes are balanced with fruit and nut. This chocolate continues to improve and challenge our pallets batch after batch, paired with dark, rich California black mission figs.

Dick Taylor chocolate is known for the subtle nuances in flavor discovered in each candy bar. Ingredients like vanilla, additional cocoa butter and other emulsifiers are left out so that the original and pure cacao flavor can truly shine. That’s especially evident when trying different Dick Taylor chocolate bars with cacao sourced from various places around the world. Each bar is labeled according to where the fair-trade cacao was sourced from, whether that is Belize, Madagascar or another location known for its exceptional cocoa beans. In just one bite, it’s easy to see how different the chocolate from each of these locations tastes.

In addition to boasting some of the most pure and rich cacao flavors from around the world, Dick Taylor chocolate bars are also incredibly beautiful. Each one features lovely antique-looking packaging along with gorgeous carved patterns on the chocolate inside. This adds to the luxurious experience of eating Dick Taylor chocolate and also makes these tasty bars a delightful gift option for anyone with a sweet tooth. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a very special and flavorful chocolate bar, be sure to order Dick Taylor chocolates from World Wide Chocolate.

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