Dolfin Belgian Chocolate

“The Art of Blending”

Founded by two brothers in 1989, Dolfin Chocolate is known as “The Art of Blending.” Their philosophy is mixing their fine chocolate with fruits, spices, herbs and flowers for a unique take on the classic Belgian chocolate. We are pleased to share their innovative creations and to count Dolfin as one of the many prestigious brands we carry. Belgium is well-known for its beer and waffles, but what it is really famous for is its chocolate. Chocolate has been a staple in the Belgian economy since the late 1600s, giving them plenty of time to perfect their craft. Dolfin is one of the most celebrated chocolatiers in Belgium and they are well-known for using fruits, herbs, spices and even flowers in their recipes to create flavor combinations that are truly unique.

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Dolfin Milk Chocolate Bars

Creamy & Smooth

Dolfin milk chocolate is loved around the world, and their pure 37% cacao blend is loved by milk chocolate lovers everywhere. Each blend consists of 37% cacao, with a unique pairing. Whether it be caramelized macadamia nuts, even cinnamon, their milk chocolate offerings incorporate a blend you will not forget!

Dolfin 37% Milk Chocolate Bar-min
Dolfin 70% Dark Chocolate Bar-min

Dark Chocolate Bars

Premium Belgian Dark Chocolate

Dolfin offers three cacao percentages in their dark chocolate line. The pure 70%, pure 88%, as well as their smooth semisweet 60%, each blended with a unique and unforgettable pairing.

Dolfin Chocolate Squares & Assortments

Bulk Chocolate Squares & Premium Gift Assortments

Dolfin’s pre-made chocolate assortments are a perfect gift for anyone! Whether it be the Panache assortments, or the Spice assortment, you will experience blends you may not know even existed! We also carry bulk squares, available in an 1800g case, with approximately 350 squares.

Dolfin 48-Piece Panache Chocolate Napolitain Assortment-min
Dolfin 60% Dark Chocolate with Shortbread & Guérande Sea Salt-min

Dolfin Sugar & Salt Chocolate Bars

30-Gram Chocolate Bars with Salts from Around the World

Shop Dolfin’s 30g chocolate bars with salts mixed in from across the globe. These sweet and salty tablets perfectly blend both milk and dark chocolate with salts, available in single bars or case packs of 25.

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