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Dolfin Dark Chocolate Bars

Premium Belgian Dark Chocolate

Brothers Michael and Jean-Francois Poncelet grew up in the tradition of Belgian-making chocolate. Their mother and father owned a prestigious chocolate company and it is there where they learned about the industry and fine-tuned their skills. When they set out to start their own company, they knew they wanted to create a new legacy and decided to experiment with their unique chocolate pairings. Dolfin’s chocolate masters use nothing less than the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. They source their cocoa beans from different areas of the world. They turn to West Africa and Latin America to achieve the delicate blend of their milk chocolate; the Congo for their 60 percent cocoa dark chocolate; Peru for their 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate and the Dominican Republic fortheir 88 percent cocoa chocolate.

70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Pure Belgian Dark Chocolate

Generosity, fruitiness, strength, and subtlety. Such are the virtues of this superb dark chocolate. A favorite of many, this pure dark chocolate is sure to delight.

Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

70% Cacao

The cocoa beans, crunchy and delectable, strengthen the characteristics of the profound 70% cacao pure dark chocolate.

88% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Extra Dark & Unforgettable

This extra dark bar is a pure chocolate with an outstanding finish. Its simplicity allows an authentic taste to come through.

Dark Chocolate with Grilled Almonds

Crunchy & Crisp

This blend is the result of a two classic delicacies : roasted almonds and 60% cacao dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate with Ginger

Fresh Ginger in 60% Dark Chocolate

The fresh ginger in this dark Belgian chocolate gives the blend its punch. The mixture of two strong and passionated personalities results in a favored chocolate bar around the world.

Dark Chocolate with Crystallized Orange Peel

A Classic Favorite

The slightly acid characteristics of the flavorful orange zest evoke warmth in the winter and fun in the summer. This 60% cacao dark chocolate pairs perfectly.

Dark Chocolate with Mint Leaves

60% Cacao Belgian Chocolate

The freshness of the mint leaf enhances the depth and sweetness of a shared indulgence in chocolate.

Dark Chocolate with Lavender

A Unique & Unforgettable Blend

 A surge of chocolate in the lavender fields: it is a breath of nature that takes over your palate. Dolfin’s “Art of Blending” is depicted perfectly in this unforgettable blend.

Dark Chocolate with Earl Grey Tea

60% Cacao Belgian Dark Chocolate

A mix of contrasts: the refreshing sweetness of the bergamot blends perfectly with the strong taste of the chocolate.

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