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Dolfin Sugar & Salt Chocolate Bars

Premium Belgian Chocolate with Salts from Across the Globe

These 30-Gram chocolate bars are the perfect way to indulge a sugary-salty treat. Taking their iconic 38% milk and 60% dark chocolate blends, Dolfin incorporates luxury salts from around the world into these chocolate bars. Explore our selection below, and learn why Dolfin is known for, “The Art of Blending.”

Milk Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs & Hawaiian Black Salt

38% Cacao Belgian Milk Chocolate

Discover the harmonious blend of delicious milk chocolate, cocoa nibs, and the delicate, balanced flavor of Hawaiian black salt; recognized for its detoxifying properties, Hawaiian black salt is sea salt blended with activated lava charcoal, usually utilized as a finishing salt.

Milk Chocolate with Nougat, Honey & Diamond Salt from Cashmere

A Perfect Harmony

A subtle blend of milk chocolate with nougat and honey and Kashmir diamond salt. Made from almonds, hazelnuts and honey, the nougat perfectly complements the diamond salt with its pure crystal structure, mirroring that of a real diamond.

Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds and Persian Blue Salt

Smooth & Crunchy

A contrasting blend of flavors that wets the appetite for riches and treasures. Unlike sea salt, which is extracted from salt ponds, Persian blue salt it a salt fossil or gem, whose crystals were formed 100 million years ago in the precambrian seas. Fine grains of intense blue salt, like small sapphires, enveloped within a sweet milk chocolate, sprinkled throughout with grilled almonds.

Milk Chocolate with Petits Beurres & Andean Pink Salt

Salty Biscuit Balanced by Sweet Chocolate

The delicate and well-loved flavor of Petits Beurres biscuits blended with creamy milk chocolate conjures up fond memories of childhood and delicious treats. Similar in appearance to Himalayan Pink Salt, Andean salt has a remarkably different taste; pink tinged with ivory flecks, and you can’t help but want more. Tablets to savor, again and again…

Dark Chocolate with Shortbread & Guérande Sea Salt

Luxury Sea Salt & Shortbread mixed in Dark Chocolate

An age-old recipe loved by young and old alike. A simple, sincere and comforting blend in which the dark chocolate subtly fades to make way for a fondant sablé biscuit, and a light hint of fleur de sel for a delicate finishing touch. This salt forms as a thin, delicate crust as salt water evaporates, and is a true delight in this chocolate blend.

Dark Chocolate with Fig & Vanilla Salt from Madagascar

A Unique Blend

Sweet and delicious, this unique recipe blends the charm of dark chocolate, the smooth and enchanting flavour of purple figs, and fleur de sel deliciously fragranced with Madagascan vanilla.
A deliciously tasty voyage is guaranteed with this new blend of exotic flavors.

Dolfin Dark Chocolate with Roasted Pistachios & Punjab Sea Salt

Also known as Himalayan Salt

Savor this subtle blend of bitter sweet dark chocolate, crunchy pistachios and the unique, delicate and mellow flavor of Punjab pink salt, rich in minerals and trace elements.

Dark Chocolate with Caramel Pieces & Mirror Salt from Bolivia

From the World’s Largest Salt Flat

The dark chocolate brings out the delicious, traditionally made caramel chips which explode in the mouth. The pure Bolivian mirror salt adds the finishing touch to this crunchy blend.

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