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Let your life feel a little more luxurious with every bite when you try Domori chocolates from World Wide Chocolate. Established in 1997, this company is based in Turin, Italy, a province known for its exquisite chocolates. Domori is certainly no exception thanks to founder Gianluca Franzoni’s dedication to sourcing only the highest quality cocoa. Also known as aromatic cocoa, this ingredient brings a pure and intense flavor that’s absolutely incredible, even for those who have tried many varieties of gourmet chocolate. To create Domori chocolate and its unique aromatic complexity, Criollo cocoa is directly sourced from their plantations in Venezuela and processed every day in our facilities in None, Turin, with the a short and pure recipe. This choice is combined with their innovative productive process, where each phase is designed to preserve the aromatic notes naturally found in the Criollo beans.

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Chocolate Bars

Single Origin, Organic, Gourmet, Mixed Blends

Domori produces a wide range of aromatic profiles through their chocolate blends, while simultaneously respecting and preserving the biodiversity of fine cocoa. Domori continues to focus to protect these valuable varieties of cocoa, their natural habitats, as well as the farmers who work on the plantations cultivating the delicate crops. In 2002, Domori invested in Hacienda San Josè, preserving seven different varieties of Criollo cocoa, creating a universal world heritage for its biodiversity.

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Napolitains Chocolate Squares

Single Origin Chocolate Squares, Mixed Blends & Luxury Gift Boxes

Domori offers small chocolates to enjoy your fine cacao experience, also perfect for chocolate tastings and pairings. These chocolate squares are made from fine cacao beans including Trinitario, Nacional & Criollo; they also make excellent chocolate gifts.

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Domori Chocolate Gianduja Spread - 200g Display

Chocolate & Gianduja Spreads

With IGP Hazelnuts from Piedmont

Domori puts the spotlight on chocolate with their gourmet line. Dark, milk and white chocolate creatively combined with other flavors and inclusions to search for the perfect balance between chocolate and premium ingredients.

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Single Origin Couverture Chocolate Drops

Fine Couverture Chocolate

Domori produces single origin chocolate blends sourcing cocoa beans from their plantations in both South America and Africa. Each cacao blend has its own unique aromatic nuances to ravish your senses, evoking the exotic scents of the lands they come from.

Domori Professional Line Couverture Drops
Domori Professional Line Couverture Chocolate Drops

One of the things that makes Domori chocolate so unique is the company’s line of single origin chocolate bars. These bars are designed with carefully selected cocoa beans made from a specific area of the world. As a result, the unique flavors from that region are translated into each bar to deliver a delightfully distinctive experience with each of the single origin varieties. This line of Domori chocolate bars includes options from areas as diverse as Colombia’s Sierra Nevada mountains, the Sambirano river of Madagascar and a quaint seaside town in Venezuela. For those who want to try something with an unexpected twist, there’s the Domori D-Fusion line of chocolates, which include tasty combinations like Teyuna cocoa with spicy Indian chili pepper or white chocolate with delightfully sweet licorice from Calabria.

Exploring these diverse flavors wrapped within the velvety texture of fine chocolate is a pure pleasure for those who love a sweet treat. These artisan chocolates represent some of the finest Italian chocolate varieties currently available today. Enjoy the superior depth of flavor and fantastically complex tastes of these delicious Domori chocolates for yourself by ordering online at World Wide Chocolate. Our extensive selection of high-quality chocolates at affordable prices is sure to leave your sweet tooth satisfied.

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