Domori Couverture Chocolate Drops & Blocks

Domori’s Professional Line

Domori has been established in the gourmet world for years, receiving international recognition for the purity and quality of its products, as well as for being an icon of tradition in chocolate tasting. Recognition conferred not only by the final consumer, but also by confectioners, maîtres chocolatiers and master gelato-makers, who have shown a strong appreciation for the quality of Domori chocolate. The growing demand from these masters, the flavors and the lack of a quality reference point like Domori in the sector have laid the way for the creation of  professional line. Domori uses an unconventional and “low impact” cocoa processing method, thanks to innovative technology designed to preserve and enhance the original aromas of cacao.

Domori Professional Line Couverture Drops
Domori Professional Line Dark Couverture Chocolate Drops 1

Single Origin Couverture Chocolate

Encapsulating the Cocoas’ Natural Aromas

Domori expands their offerings and includes single origin couverture blends available in bulk format for confection use. By controlling the entire supply process, Domori lets nothing get in the way of the bean to chocolate process.

Domori Professional Line Couverture Chocolate Drops

Cacao Criollo Couverture Drops

Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Mass

Criollo is the most valuable variety of cacao, and came quite close to becoming extinct: it is a rare and fragile cacao that represents <.0001% of the global cocoa production. With the Criollo Project, founded in 1994 thanks to Gianluca Franzoni, Domori has recovered this precious variety of cacao, setting up the Hacienda San José, the largest Criollo plantation in the world, in Venezuela, and transforms it into gourmet couverture blends. 

These blends are available in Summer 2021, so join our mailing list to get the latest updates!

Domori Criollo Chuao 75% Dark Couverture Chocolate Drops
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