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Everbar Chocolate Wafer Bar

Crispy Wafer with Smooth Dark Chocolate

Everbar Chocolate Wafer Bars may be used as a special treat or can be shared as an indulgent snack with others. The individually-wrapped chocolate snack bars can accompany you everwhere to fill you up with natural goodness. The delicious snack bars are always handy – perfect for school breaks, day outings and excursions, during sports and leisure, too.

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Everbar Dar Chocolate Wafer Bar

Everbar Chocolate Wafer Bar

Chocolate Wafer Enrobed in Smooth Chocolate

It has happened to the best of us; we are in the middle of a busy day and we start to get hungry, maybe even tired, with no time to sit down for a meal in sight. We’ve just got to have a snack to keep us going. Or we just need something deliciously light and crispy to indulge in, for no special reason! The brand has crafted their Wafer Everbar so that you can keep your energy up. Crispy wafers for a light snack without feeling heavy and premium dark chocolate for better fuel and satisfaction. Nothing complicated, nothing inflated, just a simple indulgent pick-me-up to carry you through your day.

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