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Swiss Noble Couverture & Chocolate Products

Felchlin has been the leading producer of noble Swiss chocolate and semi-finished products for more than a hundred years. As a niche producer based in central Switzerland, the company works directly with cacao farmers and partners around the world to ensure our standards of quality, transparency and sustainability are met throughout all our processes, from cacao planting to their finished products.

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Felchlin Arriba Ecuador 72% Dark Couverture Chocolate

Felchlin Swiss Noble Couverture

Single-Origin Grand Cru Couverture

Felchlin couverture is the result of collective experience, choice cacao and passionate craftsmanship. Each bean from the different regions and the various countries features unique, specific and intensive flavors which unfold through traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

The careful handling of the cacao fruit at the origin perfectly prepares the beans for further processing. Quality varieties, the optimal harvest time and meticulous selection ensure the intensive character of their noble cacao.

Glaze, Coating & Molding Compounds

No Tempering Required

On top of the highliy-acclaimed Swiss Noble Couverture, Felchlin also offers a plethora of Glazes and compounds for molds, including their “Ultra” glazes and two “Mirror” glaze options. These products do not need to be tempered, but result in a premium taste your customers know and love.

Felchlin Choco Brilliant Dark Mirror Glaze Application

Xocoflakes Grand Cru 

Flakes in 38% Milk Chocolate from Grenada

Grand Cru chocolate flakes for decorating cakes, pastries and pralines or to give your ice creams a nice topping.

Felchlin Grenada 38% Milk Chocolate Xocoflakes
Felchlin Ghana Caramelized Cocoa Nibs

Caramelized Cocoa Nibs

With Cocoa from Ghana

The Ghana Caramelized Nibs Croquant 2-3mm are ideal to give cakes, ice creams or dessert an additional crunchy texture.

Felchlin Ghana Caramelized Cocoa Nibs Application
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