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François Pralus Barre Infernales Chocolate

Gourmet Chocolate Bars with Praline. Hellishly Delightful

 Another specialty from Maison Pralus is the Barre infernale, an incredible bar created by François Pralus, combining the crunchiness of chocolate and the creaminess of praline. Its secret is the special combination of a delicious praline filled with almonds or hazelnuts and coated with chocolate.

Barre Infernale Nougat

Nougat, Pistachios, Almonds & Honey Enrobed in 45% Milk Chocolate

One of the latest creations from François Pralus: the barre infernale with nougat almonds, pistachios and Mars honey. Incredible!? It’s that simple.

Barre Infernale Lait

Praline & Hazelnuts Enrobed in 45% Milk Chocolate

Barre Infernale Lait : François Pralus’ incredible creation, this bar is a Praline stuffed with roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont coated milk chocolate 45% cocoa. “Infernale” Because it is just so devilishly good.

Barre Infernale Noire

Praline & Almonds Enrobed in 75% Dark Chocolate

The Pralus Barre Infernale Noire is greed broken down into an infernal version of 75% cocoa dark chocolate and praline stuffed with roasted almonds in Valencia. Devilishly good.

Barre Infernale Orange

Praline & Candied Orange Enrobed in 75% Dark Chocolate

Gourmet chocolate with 75% cocoa and praline filled with candied orange with a hint of Grand Marnier; infernal as its name suggests.

Barre Infernale Pistache

Pistachio Praline & Nuts Enrobed in 75% Dark Chocolate

A sensational creation from François Pralus, incorporating a fine & sweet pistachio paste with pistachio nuts all enrobed in a pristine dark chocolate.

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