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François Pralus Single-Origin Chocolate Bars

Cocoa Vintages like Fine Wines

Pralus chocolates are expertly crafted products made with dried cocoa beans from the very best cocoa plantations around the world. Owner François Pralus manufactures his own chocolate using these exceptional beans, some of which are produced with pure varieties while others come from his own distinctive blend of cocoa beans.

Chuao: Single-Origin Chocolate: Venezuela

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

West of Caracas, Venezuela, there is a mythical village. Accessible only by boat, the village of Chuao is bordered North by dense tropical forests, in the South by the Caribbean Sea. For generations the cocoa grown in this region has been celebrated for its exceptional qualities. A unique ambience, an ancestral know-how, a traditional drying method makes this Criollo cocoa the most wanted worldwide. The tiny production makes this a rare product that we are proud to present to you. This chocolate is long on the palate with a fine balance of bitter and acidity with earthy tones.

Mélissa: Single-Origin Chocolate: Madagascar

45% Cacao Milk Chocolate Bar

Madagascar single plantation chocolate. This is a 45% milk chocolate which is a high percentage of cocoa for a milk chocolate (the average is about 30%). The Melissa has lots of afficionados because it is so well-balanced and striking for its honey and caramel notes.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Brazil

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Pralus’ sources their beans from the Monte Alegre plantation located in Itacar, along Rio de Contas, in the South of Bahia. Cacao Badaro is a family tradition with more than 100 years of history in the magical world of cacao. Using the environmentally friendly technologies: shade grown, organic and biodynamic, they have achieved outstanding productivity and quality. You know how Pralus works his chocolate, image the two combined and you have the Brazil bar.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Colombia

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Pralus’ Colombie bar is the perfect starter for someone new to the dark chocolate world. It’s hard to believe that it is a 75% dark chocolate. This chocolate has a well-balanced sweetness and roundness that will remind you of butterscotch.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Cuba

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Cuba is known for being a colorful island. Think about its coffee, cigars, rum, music… Now try this Cuban chocolate & you will understand its beauty and the complexity of its aromas.

Djarkta: Mixed-Origin Chocolate from Ghana & Indonesia

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

For this chocolate, Francois Pralus decided to add some Ghana to the Indonesian beans. The properties of the African beans balance the acidity of the Javanese cocoa beans. The result is a round chocolate with beautiful flavors and a long finish.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Dominican Republic

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

The Pralus Republique Dominicaine bar is one of the largest producers of organic cocoa in the world. The beans used in the Pralus Dominican bar are sourced from an organic co-op dealing mainly in Trinitario beans.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Ecuador

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

This chocolate is made from the famous Nacional Ecuador< per em> cocoa beans, also called Arriba. Sometimes compared to Criollo, the pods and the beans are larger and more tannic. Its aromatic profile makes it a must try for aficionados around the world. Pralus sources from an organic coop situated in Buena Fe Los Rios Province.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Ghana

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

When tasting the Ghana chocolate don’t expect any spice, fruit or floral aromas. What will strike you is deep, rich, luscious and powerful chocolate aroma. This is the purest form of chocolate taste in Pralus’ entire selection and it’s beautiful.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Indonesia

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

The island of Java in Indonesia is well known for the quality of its cocoa beans which comes from Criollo trees brought by the spanish in the 17th Century. Javanese beans have particular flavor profile due to the island terroir and the harvest, fermentation and drying method used. Add to this Francois Pralus’ magic touch and the result is this amazing chocolate that imparts a hint of smokiness.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Madagascar

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

The Madagascar bar embodies Pralus’ love of the colorful island. They source the beans from Ambaja, in the region of Sambirano rich in criollos trees. The chocolate is so well balanced with its crisp acidity, fruitiness and floral notes. No wonder it is their best seller.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Papua New Guinea

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Papua New Guinea… a vast territory with volcanic soil and wild cacao trees of the Trinitario type. Chez Pralus we consider this bar not only aromatic but charismatic.

Single-Origin Chocolate: São Tomé & Principe

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

The island cultures of Sao Tome & Principe conspire to produce a chocolate that is both intense and distinct in flavor, quite unlike what is usually found in Africa. This is a result of the trees’ genetic purity.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Tanzania

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Woody and Spicy flavors are most notable in the Tanzania bar. Foratero-type trees growing in volcanic soil along with a slow roasting of the beans result in a chocolate with a range of flavor profile.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Trinidad

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Astonishing contrasts – Chocolate couverture, 72% cocoa with a blend of Criollos and Trinitarios cocoa beans from Venezuela. Araguani has a powerful bitter base with strong licorice, raisin and chestnut notes. Burnt aromas of honey and hot bread.

Single-Origin Chocolate: Venezuela

75% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

The cocoa comes from Barlovento, East of Caracas, facing the Caribbean Sea. This is a region of small villages and cacao collectives. Here you will find mostly Trinitario trees and as a result this cocoa is famous for its sweetness and floral aromas.

Fortissima: Single-Origin Chocolate: Ecuador

80% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Fortissima in Italian and French translates to strong. This chocolate has an 80% cocoa content which is quite high. For this bar, Pralus’ selected beans with a strong aromatic profile to deliver on the promise that it is fortissima.

100% Single-Origin Chocolate: Madagascar

100% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Francois Pralus now has his own cocoa plantation in Madagascar on the island of Nosy Be, also known as the isle of perfumes. From Sao Tome by way of Brazil and Venezuela, Monsieur Pralus has personally selected cacao for the plantation from the finest origins in the world. The beans are grown, harvested and fermented with care and then roasted and transformed into a delightful chocolate in his Roanne facility.

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