Ghirardelli Chocolate Bars & Chocolate Squares

Premium Chocolate Bars and Squares

Luxuriate in the legendary quality and signature intense, smooth melting flavor of Ghirardelli chocolate bars and squares. For more than 150 years, Ghirardelli has been a premier American chocolate company committed to excellence from the cocoa beans to the finished, delicious product. Whether you are creating you own chocolate experience, baking cookies, cakes, pies, mousse, tortes, tarts, ice cream or candies, Ghirardelli chocolate bars produce intense flavor with silky smooth texture.

86% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Midnight Reverie

With 86% cacao, this luxuriously deep Intense Dark Chocolate delivers the ultimate chocolate intensity. Its full-bodied flavor is accompanied by hints of dark cherries and dried plums. A chocolate bar for the bold, Midnight Reveries dark magic is perfect for sharing with those who love dark chocolate with the same deep passion you do.

72% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Intense Dark Twilight Delight

Invite a little mystery into your life with the deep, velvety chocolate of our Intense Dark Chocolate 72% cacao with hints of mocha, blackberry and dark cherry. Add the rich chocolate intensity after dinner or at your next gathering to make the perfect moment. With its dark complexity, this vividly nuanced bar offers plenty to talk about.

60% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Evening Dream

Sophisticated but approachable, Intense Dark Chocolate Evening Dream 60% Cacao delivers notes of ripe red fruit and impeccable chocolate intensity, with a rich, round flavor. Share with chocolate lovers who enjoy flavors ranging from bold to more nuanced and delicate. A perfect introduction to dark chocolate, Evening Dream is deeply satisfying and easy-to-love, with plenty of character.

Sea Salt Soiree

Dark Chocoalte with Sea Salt & Roasted Almonds

Sea Salt Soiree’s blend of dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and coarse crystals of sea salt make this Intense Dark flavor the epitome of sweet and salty perfection. Crunchy and complex, this memorable bar is perfect for a mid-day break. Share it with close friends or treat a new acquaintance to a special moment.

Cherry Tango Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate with Cherry Essence & Almonds

Ghirardelli’s luxuriously deep and velvety dark chocolate combined with tangy cherry bits and crunchy roasted almonds creates an enticing Intense Dark flavor. With Intense Dark Chocolate Cherry Tango bars on hand, life is a bowl of sweet opportunity share it with friends who love sweet-tart and nutty flavors. A favorite bar for gifting, tie with a red velvet bow and send with wishes for divine chocolate moments.

Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling

Luscious Raspberry Filling

Take time out for a chocolate moment. Savor the delectably luscious raspberry filling made with real fruit surrounded by intense dark chocolate, and make any part of your day more delicious.

Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel Filling

A Luscious Caramel & Sea Salt Filling

Take time out for a chocolate moment. Bite into our luscious buttery caramel enhanced by a touch of savory sea salt, and make any part of your day more delicious.

Milk Chocolate & Caramel Squares

Rich Milk Chocolate with a Smooth Caramel Filling

Super Creamy, slow-melting milk chocolate. Luscious, buttery caramel filling. Our Milk Chocolate Caramel squares make a sweet gift for all the chocolate lovers in your life and show you’ve got great taste.

Dark Chocolate Squares with a Mint Filling

A Timeless Classic

Savor the perfect combination of tantalizingly refreshing mint filling surrounded by intense dark chocolate. Dark Chocolate Mint squares make a sweet gift for all the chocolate lovers in your life and show you’ve got great taste.

Premium Square Chocolate Assortment

Four Classic Chocolate Blends

Avoid multiple Ghirardelli chocolate bags with a single bag of Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Premium Assortment. Each bag contains an assortment of silky, smooth milk chocolate squares and dark chocolate squares filled with luscious caramel, chocolate, mint and raspberry cream. Cocoa content for dark chocolate is 60 percent.

Dark Chocolate Premium Assortment

Four Dark Chocolate Favorites

A premium assortment of Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate offerings. This bag is an assortment of Sea Salt Soiree, 60% Cacao, 72% Cacao Twilight Delight, and Dark Chocolate with a sea salt caramel filling.

Sea Salt Chocolate Square Assortment

Three Sea Salt Chocolate Squares

Includes an assortment of the following Chocolate Squares : Sea Salt Soiree, Sea Salt & Caramel and Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt & Almonds

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