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Tom & Monica discoverd their chocolate passion in a vintage furniture shop in Los Angeles, sampling single-origin blends introducing them into the realm that is single-origin chocolate. They traveled throughout Latin America searching for the most flavorful beans, and have developed direct relationships with the farmers who grow and harvest them. By dealing directly with farmers, they’re able to ensure that they’re fairly compensated for their cacao, and also that the farming practices they’re using are sustainable.

All of their bars are made here at their 225-year-old farm in Sudbury, Massachusetts. They start with cacao beans and sugar, and perform every step of the chocolate making process in-house, including carefully hand wrapping each bar.

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Goodnow Farms Ucayali Peru 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Ucayali Peru 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Extremely Well Balanced

Try the bar that just won a Gold Sofi award! The cacao for this multiple-award-winning origin comes from the jungles of Peru.
The Ucayali river is one of the major headwaters of the Amazon, and the farmers living along its shores grow several varieties of fine flavor cacao. They bring the cacao on boats to Goodnow’s partners at Ucayali River Cacao, where the beans are expertly fermented and dried at their new facility.

This extremely well balanced bar is floral and herbal, with notes of lemon verbena and fig.

Goodnow Ucayali IntlChoc-2018-silver-americas
Goodnow Ucayali IntlChoc-2018-bronze-world
Goodnow Ucayali InternationalChoc-WorldSilver2019
Goodnow Ucayali Acad-Choc-Silver-2019-1
Goodnow Ucayali Acad-Choc-Bronze-2019
Goodnow Ucayali 19_sofi_gold

Esmeraldas Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

From the Salazar Family of Ecuador

Goodnow makes this multiple award-winning bar with beans from the Salazar family farm in the Esmeraldas region of Ecuador. The Salazars have over one hundred acres of carefully cultivated Nacional hybrid cacao trees. The volume of beans they harvest allows them to ferment and dry the beans themselves and the level of control they have over the cacao varietals they plant, as well as their post-harvest processing, results in beans of exceptional quality and flavor. This is a well-balanced bar with very low acidity, intense berry jam flavors and a long finish.

This bar is made with Goodnow’s own fresh-pressed, Esmeraldas cocoa butter!

Goodnow Farms Esmeraldas Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
Esmeraldas Ecuador NWChoc-2018-Gold
Esmeraldas Ecuador Acad-Choc-Bronze-2018
Esmeraldas Ecuador GoodFood2018-Finalist
Esmeraldas Ecuador IntlChoc-2018-bronze-americas
Esmeraldas Ecuador GoodFood2018-Winner
Esmeraldas Ecuador InternationalChoc2019-bronze
Esmeraldas Ecuador Acad-Choc-Silver-2019
Goodnow Farms Coto Brus Costa Rica 73% Dark Chocolate Bar

Coto Brus Costa Rica 73% Dark Chocolate Bar

Made with Heirloom Cocoa

Coto Brus is the only bean from Costa Rica designated as an official “Heirloom” cocoa in recognition of its longevity on the planet as well as its incredible flavors. It is one of only 15 cacaos in the world recognized as Heirloom.

The beans are cultivated, harvested, fermented and dried on a small farm in Southern Costa Rica by brothers Giovanni and Raul Campos Portilla, with help from Giovanni’s son Raul. Goodnow is producing this as a limited release bar, as the Costa Rican farm produces small amount of cacao each year.

The flavor notes of this bar include caramel, plum and cocoa.

Coto Brus Costa Rica Acad-Choc-Bronze-2019
Coto Brus Costa Rica InternationalChoc2019-bronze
Coto Brus Costa Rica NWChoc-2019-Silver
Coto Brus Costa Rica 19_sofi_bronze

Boyacá Colombia 73% Dark Chocolate Bar

With Freshly-Pressed Cocoa Butter

This is the first chocolate bar made with cacao beans from Impulsa Bacao in San Pablo de Borbur, Colombia. Goodnow fell in love with their beans and traveled there this past February to meet the farmers and see their brand new fermentation and drying facility.

As with all Goodnow’s bars, they craft this with their own cocoa butter, pressed from the same Boyaca beans they use to make the bar. The flavor profile is toasted marshmallow, graham cracker and honey – think s’mores!

Goodnow Farms Boyaca Colombia 73% Dark Chocolate Bar
Goodnow Farms Asochivite Guatemala 77% Dark Chocolate Bar

Asochivite Guatemala 77% Dark Chocolate Bar

Mayan Cacao

The Q’eqchi Maya farmers of Chivite, Guatemala harvest cacao from the wild trees surrounding their village. When Goodnow first visited the village, they were immediately drawn to love their cacao, but the fermentation and drying facility badly needed an upgrade. Working with the farmers and with Cacao Verapaz, Goodnow funded the materials necessary for village to build a brand new fermentation and drying area. They’re now able to provide incredibly high quality cacao on a consistent basis. This bar has delightfully bright fruit flavors of green banana and mango.

Asochivite Guatemala Acad-Choc-Silver-2018
Asochivite Guatemala NWChoc-2017-Silver
Asochivite Guatemala InternationalChoc2019-bronze
Asochivite Guatemala 19_sofi_silver
Asochivite Guatemala InternationalChoc-WorldSilver2019

El Carmen Nicaragua 77% Dark Chocolate Bar

Rich & Earthy

Tom & Monica discovered this fine flavor bean after meeting Giff Laube and Jose Enrique Herrera, the owners of Cacao Bisiesto, at their farm just outside the town of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The beans are named after the town in and around which they’re grown, which is located in Nicaragua’s Central Highlands.

The wet cacao beans (baba) are sent to Giff and Jose who then ferment and dry them at their centralized facility located on their farm, which allows them complete control over the entire flavor development process.

This bar is a dark chocolate lovers dream: deep, rich and earthy with caramel and raisin notes.

Goodnow Farms El Carmen Nicaragua 77% Dark Chocolate Bar
El Carmen Nicaragua InternationalChoc2019-silver
Goodnow Farms Almedra Blanca Mexico 77% Dark Chocolate Bar

Almendra Blanca Mexico 77% Dark Chocolate Bar

From Tabasco, Mexico

“Almendra Blanca” translates to “white almond,” as white color of this bean gives the finished bar a lighter look despite its high cacao content.

Farmer Vicente Cacep grows these beans on his family farm in Tabasco, Mexico. As with all Goodnow’s bars this is crafted with our house-made cocoa butter, freshly pressed from the same fine flavor beans they use to make the chocolate. Flavor notes are creamy citrus and hazelnut – great for pairing with a sweet dessert wine.

Almendra Blanco Acad-Choc-Bronze-2019

Special Reserve 100% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

With Cocoa from Peru

Goodnow’s incredible Ucayali cacao beans contain such immense flavors they decided to showcase them in this 100% bar. With no sugar, the unique and intense flavors of this very special bean are front and center in every bite.

The core reason Goodnow chose this particular cacao for their 100% bar is because of the expertise at Ucayali River Cacao bring to their post-harvest bean fermentation and drying. These steps are crucial to flavor development, and the folks at Ucayali have mastered both.

Goodnow Farms Special Reserve Peru 100% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar
Special Reserve 100% Cacao NWChoc-2018-Bronze
Special Reserve 100% Cacao InternationalChoc-Tasters
Special Reserve 100% Cacao InternationalChoc2019-silver
Special Reserve 100% Cacao InternationalChoc2019-gold
Goodnow Farms Special Reserve Ecuador 77% Dark Chocolate Bar with Putnam Rye Whiskey

Special Reserve 77% Dark Chocolate Bar with Putnam Rye Whiskey

With Cocoa from Ecuador

This Special Reserve Blend has a unmatched flavor like no other. Goodnow uses 55 bottles of Boston Harbor Distillery’s distinctive “Putnam Rye Whiskey” to craft this Special Reserve chocolate, creating a memorable whiskey experience you simply will not be able to forget.

They start by steeping nibs from the award-winning Esmeraldas Ecuador bar in whiskey for several days, which allows the nibs to absorb the complex flavor notes of the rye. Since chocolate and water don’t mix, the nibs are dried completely before putting them in stone grinders to create this incredible bar, combined with fresh-pressed single-origin Esmeraldas Ecuador cocoa butter. This exceptional step makes the bar exceedingly smooth & intensely flavorful, as well as keeping true to single origin cocoa.

Special Reserve Putnam Rye Whiskey 19_sofi_newproduct
Special Reserve Putnam Rye Whiskey GoodFood2019-Finalist
Special Reserve Putnam Rye Whiskey 19_sofi_silver
Special Reserve Putnam Rye Whiskey GoodFood2019-Winner
Special Reserve Putnam Rye Whiskey Acad-Choc-Gold-2019-1

Special Reserve 77% Dark Chocolate Bar with Lawley’s Rum

With Cocoa from Ecuador

The incredible flavor and popularity of the Putnam Rye Whiskey bar inspired Goodnow to further their collaborations with Boston Harbor Distillery, this time using their Lawley’s Dark Rum.

Goodnow roasts and winnows the same fine flavor Ecuador nibs used in the multiple award-winning Esmeraldas bar, then soak them in over 50 bottles of Lawley’s Rum. This allows the complex flavors to thoroughly infuse the nibs before they are carefully dried and put in stone grinders. The addition of fresh pressed, single origin Esmeraldas cocoa butter ensures this chocolate is intensely flavorful and exceptionally smooth.

The sweet molasses and caramel notes of the rum combine perfectly with the berry jam flavors of the single-origin Esmeraldas cacao to create a delicious mix of chocolate and rum flavor.

Goodnow Farms Special Reserve Ecuador 77% Dark Chocolate Bar with Lawley's Rum
Goodnow Farms Special Reserve Guatemala 77% Dark Chocolate Bar with Las Palomas Coffee

Special Reserve 77% Dark Chocolate Bar with Las Palomas Coffee

With Cocoa from Guatemala

If you love single-origin flavor, this is the chocolate for you. Goodnow teamed up with renowned single-origin coffee expert George Howell to create this deliciously smooth and flavorful single origin coffee and cacao bar.

The single origin cacao beans used for Goodnow’s multiple award-winning Asochivite chocolate acted as the inspiration behind this bar. The bright fruit flavors of the Guatemalan cacao beans led to the pairing with George Howell’s fruity Las Palomas coffee beans from Guatemala, creating an incredibly fruity chocolate. The “coffee whisperers” at George Howell do a custom brew just for Goodnow, and they soak the Asochivite nibs in the coffee until all of the nuanced flavors of the freshly brewed coffee completely infuse the nibs. The nibs are then carefully dried prior to adding them to stone grinders to make the chocolate blend. The addition of fresh pressed Asochivite cocoa butter not only makes the bar intensely flavorful and exceptionally smooth, but also ensures true single-origin Guatemalan flavor.

Special Reserve Las Palomas Coffee GF-Winner2020-01

Special Reserve 70% Dark Chocolate Bar with Brown Butter

With Cocoa from the Dominican Republic

The new Brown Butter bar is crafted with locally made, award-winning butter from High Lawn Farm. Goodnow Farms carefully browns High Lawn’s Berkshire Fresh butter, which is made with milk from only Jersey cows, and then pair it with their new cacao origin, Zorzal, from the Dominican Republic.

The sweet, toasty notes of the brown butter pairs perfectly with the cinnamon raisin flavors of the Zorzal Communitario cacao. The butter also gives this bar an exceptionally creamy smoothness. As with all of their bars, this features cocoa butter which is pressed from the same Zorzal beans used to make the chocolate; a truly exceptional flavor experience.

Goodnow Farms Special Reserve Dominican Republic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar with Brown Butter
Goodnow Farms Asochivite Guatemala 70% Dark Chocolate Bar with Maple Sugar

Asochivite 70% Dark Chocolate Bar with Maple Sugar

With Cocoa from Guatemala

Goodnow takes their renowned Asochivite Guatemala blend and incorpoates maple sugar for an unforgettable pairing. The bright, fruity flavors of the Asochivite bar are perfectly complemented by the addition of maple sugar sourced locally from Severance Maple in Northfield, MA.

Asochivite Guatemala with Maple Sugar Acad-Choc-Bronze-2018
Asochivite Guatemala with Maple Sugar IntlChoc-2018-silver-americas
Asochivite Guatemala with Maple Sugar IntlChoc-2018-silver-world
Asochivite Guatemala with Maple Sugar Acad-Choc-Bronze-2019

El Carmen 69% Dark Chocolate Bar with Coffee

With Cocoa from Nicaragua

Coffee and chocolate is one of the best taste combinations available. Goodnow adds just enough coarsely ground, lightly roasted beans to give you a satisfying coffee crunch while still retaining the unique flavors of the chocolate. They source their coffee beans from Recreo Coffee and Roasterie in West Roxbury, MA, where husband and wife team Hector and Miriam Morales import beans directly from their family farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Goodnow Farms El Carmen Nicaragua 69% Dark Chocolate Bar with Coffee
El Carmen Coffee Acad-Choc-Silver-2018
El Carmen Coffee GoodFood2019-Finalist
El Carmen Coffee Acad-Choc-Silver-2019-1
Goodnow Farms Almendra Blanca Mexico 60% Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds

Almendra Blanca 60% Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds

With Cocoa from Mexico

Goodnow takes their single-origin Almendra Blanca Mexico chocolate, and combines with roasted almonds sourced from Burroughs Family Farm. The combination gives way to a great nutty flavor and satisfying crunch, sure to satisfy the nut lover in you.

Almendra Blanca with Almonds Acad-Choc-Bronze-2018
Almendra Blanca with Almonds Acad-Choc-Bronze-2019-1

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