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Guittard 500-Gram Couverture Chocolate Bars

The finest chocolate begins with the very best cocoa beans. The growing conditions for the beans lend special qualities of flavor and appearance to the chocolate that change from one region where they are grown to the next. Fruity top notes, floral aromatics, acidity levels and depth of color all reflect the region the beans come from. Explore the flavors of premium chocolate with Guittard Chocolate Baking Bars and find the perfect baking chocolate for your cookies, pies, pastries and candies.

Single Origin: Machu Picchu, Peru

65% Cacao, Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

This blend is as exotic as the valley of the Urubamba River leading to Machu Picchu, Peru. This chocolate has buttery, floral, and banana notes with a grapefruit-zest background to stand out and enhance your baking creations.

Single Origin: Ambanja, Madagascar

65% Cacao, Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

Made primarily from rare Criollo beans from the fertile Sambirano Valley in Madagascar, it mingles tart essences with deep, rich chocolate flavor.

Single Origin: Ecuador Nacional

65% Cacao, Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

Extremely dark color foreshadows its powerful but flowery chocolate taste. The intensity of this rarified Forestero varietal produces rich, green forest, tea and slight nut flavors with a lingering banana and pound cake finish.

Single Origin: Sur Del Lago, Venezuela

65% Cacao, Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

Complex chocolate flavors underlie subtle hints of red berry fruit. Cacao beans used to make this chocolate were harvested from trees of Criollo and Trinitario heritage in Venezuela

Single Estate: Kokoleka, Hawaii

38% Cacao, Milk Chocolate

Refreshing and smooth like a fruit smoothie. Its wild fruitiness is tamed by the intense creaminess of the milk. Rich and exciting but focused on wonderful chocolate taste.

Single Estate: Kokoleka, Hawaii

55% Cacao, Semisweet Dark Chocolate

A bouquet of tropical scents like flowers and tropical fruit, hints of banana and pineapple with a rich passion fruit peak. Very slight underlying tannic base with a gentle tang. Just enough sweetness to be deserving of the name.

Maker's Reserve: Nocturne

91% Cacao, Extra Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

This extra dark, multi-bean blend is uniquely complex with a layered approach of red fruit and nut notes held up with a solid chocolate base.

Single Origin: San Vicente de Chucuri Valley, Colombia

65% Cacao, Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

Long, deep, slow chocolate flavors are accented by pleasant hints of spice. The Trinitario cacao beans used to make this chocolate were grown in the San Vicente de Chucuri Valley of the Santander in Columbia.


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