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Guittard Couverture Chocolate Baking Blocks

10 Pounds of Couverture Chocolate

Gourmet baking, pastries and candies rely on premium ingredients for delectable results. Guittard Baking Blocks are perfect for the serious chocolate lover with a large amount of confections to make. The flavor is rich and complex, with creamy smooth texture and finish.

Old Dutch Milk Chocolate Baking Block

34% Cacao, 31% Fat

A standard of excellence with a medium strength chocolate flavor, light in color.

Nantucket Milk Chocolate Baking Block

33% Cacao, 34% Fat

This medium color, medium strength chocolate incorporates a classic milk chocolate flavor for all-purpose baking needs.

Belmont Milk Chocolate Baking Block

35% Cacao, 32% Fat

The darkest of the Guittard milk chocolates, this medium-colored block has a full-milk, full-strength chocolate flavor, yet a mellow finish.

Heritage Milk Chocolate Baking Block

32% Cacao, 32% Fat

A medium viscosity chocolate. Great for enrobing. Medium strength chocolate with a pleasant milk flavor.

Molding Heritage Milk Chocolate Baking Block

34% Cacao, 34% Fat

This blend is the less viscous mix than the standard Heritage Milk Chocolate. This chocolate is designed specifically for use with highly detailed mold, with a lighter color.

Signature Milk Chocolate Baking Block

31% Cacao, 32% Fat

Silky smooth with a slight caramel flavor note, medium strength chocolate and medium milk taste profile & light color.

B/R Semisweet Dark Chocolate Baking Block

51% Cacao, 34% Fat

This semisweet chocolate block offers a mild, but rich semisweet chocolate flavor, with a less-viscous viscosity, making the variety optimal for enrobing.

French Vanilla Semisweet Dark Chocolate Baking Block

54% Cacao, 33% Fat Content

Guittard’s signature blend of the finest beans produces a rich and robust chocolate with a distinct vanilla character, medium dark in color, 54% cocoa.

Solitaire Semisweet Dark Chocolate Baking Block

52% Cacao, 32% Fat

This Guittard Semisweet Dark Chocolate Block offers a fine chocolate flavor that is enhanced with 52% cocoa content. Made for general purpose use and melting, this dutched dark chocolate has a nice viscosity, making it perfect for enrobing elegant cakes before decorating. The color is very dark.

Molding Solitaire Semisweet Dark Chocolate Baking Block

54% Cacao, 35% Fat Content

Similar in color and flavor to solitaire with low viscosity for detailed molding applications

Ramona Semisweet Dark Chocolate Baking Block

45% Cacao, 32% Fat

Enjoy this sweet and richly flavorful Guittard Ramona semisweet dark chocolate block as a chocolate treat broken into bite-size pieces or in your favorite dessert recipes. It has a delightful mild flavor with an ample amount of cream. This light dutch-chocolate bar comes in a 10-pound block.

Monaco Semisweet Dark Chocolate Baking Block

44% Cacao, 31.5% Fat Content

This mild-strength semisweet chocolate is perfect for ganaches and fillings, with a smooth flavor profile and medium color.

Gourmet Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Baking Block

63% Cacao, 35% Fat

This award-winning Guittard dark bittersweet chocolate bar is packed with richness and offers a hint of fruity warmth for all lovers of chocolate. It’s smoothly sophisticated and the 63% cocoa content enhances its intensity to just the right level of mouthwatering goodness. Break this 10-pound block into bite-size chunks to enjoy as a sweet snack or use it for recipes that call for quality dark chocolate.

High Sierra White Chocolate Baking Block

28% Cacao, 32% Fat Content

For well over a century, the Guittard name has been associated with all varieties of high-quality chocolate. White chocolate is no exception. This decadent 10lb. “High Sierra” White Chocolate Block is sure to satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning white chocolate lovers. Cultivated and prepared by Guittard’s world-famous chocolatiers, “High Sierra” white chocolate gets its name from the California location where it is created. With a true cocoa butter-white color and taste to die for, this chocolate is excellent when eaten alone or highlighted in mousses, ganaches, frostings, dessert sauces and glazes. Certified Kosher dairy, this white chocolate block makes a great addition to any pantry. Order plenty for your home or restaurant kitchen with our economical 10lb. block, priced low to fit the budget of any white chocolate-lover.

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