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Guittard Chocolate Eating Bars

Savor the rich, exquisite flavor and velvety smooth deliciousness of Guittard Chocolate Bars. Explore and sample the variety of flavors different varieties produce, from creamy milk chocolate, through the rich complexities of semisweet and bittersweet to the bold, full-bodied extra dark chocolate. Revel in the varying fruity, floral and spicy notes, each with a different percentage of cocoa and all with premium quality.

Soleil d’Or: 38% Cacao

Milk Chocolate with Fresh Dairy and Nutty Notes

A chocolate base with hot chocolate notes; lingering fresh dairy and nutty endnotes.

L’Harmonie: 64% Cacao

Semisweet Chocolate with Floral Aromatics and Tart Fruit Notes

A complex and effulgent chocolate with peaks of tart fruit and cherry top notes. Floral aromatics lead to a lingering astringency with chocolatey end notes.

Quetzalcoatl: 72% Cacao

Bittersweet Chocolate with Notes of Spicy Coconut – No Added Cocoa Butter

Dark, rich flavors linger with a minimum of sweetness and notes of spicy coconut. Contains no added cocoa butter for a true 72%.

Clair de Lune: 85% Cacao

Bittersweet Chocolate with Subtle Cherry Notes – No Added Cocoa Butter

A mild yet deep and vivid chocolate flavor with subtle cherry notes and tannin end notes. Contains no added cocoa butter for a true 85%.

Nocturne: 91% Cacao

Extra Dark Chocolate with Notes of Red Fruit and Nuts

A multi-bean blend with engaging complexity, delivering a layered approach of red fruit and nutty notes in an elegant chocolate base.

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