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Guittard Chocolate Baking Wafers

World-Class Couverture Chocolate

Guittard Chocolate is one of the oldest fine chocolate manufacturers in the United States. It was founded in 1868 in San Francisco after Etienne Guittard emigrated to the U.S. from France. Since then, the Guittard Chocolate Company has been upholding the uncompromising standards in ingredients and craft set by the founder. They source the best cocoa beans from around the world and use them to make rich and delicious chocolate products that would be right at home in any pastry chef’s kitchen. One of these gourmet chocolate products includes E. Guittard chocolate wafers. These delicious chocolate wafers are made for easy melting. They can be used in any recipe that requires melting chocolate. These chocolate discs also work especially well for coating fruit, marshmallows and other sweet items in decadent chocolate. Not only does Guittard offer couverture, but also nonpareils, classic chocolate wafers, as well as sugar-free wafers.

Single-Origin Couverture Chocolate Wafers

Exceptional Dark Couverture Chocolate

Delivering to pastry chefs, artisan chocolatiers, pâtisseries, restaurants, caterers and hotels a premium line of single origin chocolates. These four dark chocolate blends are all of single-origin varietals, encapsulating the terriors’ natural aromas.

Collection Etienne Couverture Chocolate Wafers

Dark, Milk & White Chocolate Couverture

Guittard’s finest chocolate wafers. This collection is an homage to the founder, Etienne Guittard, and incorporate dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate couverture.

Guittard’s Chocolate Baking Wafers

100% Unsweetened Chocolate & 72% Bittersweet

Classic chocolate options: the “Oban” unsweetened chocolate liquor is a perfect unsweetened chocolate for all-purpose use, and the “Onyx” 72% incorporates bittersweet chocolate bliss.

Organic Couverture Chocolate Wafers

Available in Milk, Semisweet & Bittersweet

Another part of Collection Etienne, Guittard offers organic chocolate wafers in a 38% Cacao, 66% & 74%.

Sugar-Free Couverture Chocolate Wafers

Sweetened with Maltitol

Sugar-Free chocolate. Guittard offers both a dark and milk chocolate in a sugar-free option, which sweetening from Maltitol.

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