Guittard Cocoa Powder

The rich, full-bodied flavor of your favorite chocolate treat begins with premium quality cocoa powder. Guittard Cocoa Powder starts with the finest cocoa beans. This is just the beginning of the story. A variety of processes, both natural and Dutched, lead to a number of flavorful options for your chocolate experience. All are perfect for baking decadent creations like chocolate cookies, brownies, cakes, pies and memorable confections. The different levels of intensity are each made with a different percentage of cocoa butter to deliver a different, premium chocolate taste.


Guittard Jersey Cocoa

Cocoa Rouge

100% Unsweetened, Red Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder

Family-owned and operated for five generations, Guittard remains committed to creating gourmet chocolate for all your baking needs. Blended from the finest cacao from around the world, Collection Etienne “Cocoa Rouge” is flavored for its rich red color, robust fudge-like flavor and full chocolate essence.

Guittard Cocoa Rouge Tub
Guittard Cocoa Rouge Tin
Guittard Cocoa Rouge
Guittard Grand Cacao

Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate

Sweet Ground Cocoa – Red Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder & Ground Chocolate

You think hot chocolate is just for kids? The rich, sensuous experience that is Guittard Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate will thrill a gourmand. This award-winning treat is distinguished from other cocoa powders in that it includes real chocolate. Premium Guittard chocolate made from the finest cacao beans is ground finely and blended with old-fashioned, Dutch processed cocoa powder with a classic, with a rich, dark brown color. The result is full-bodied and intense chocolate flavor in a creamy smooth beverage that warms you through and smells as tempting as it tastes.

Guittard Grand Cacao Tin

Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa

A Premium Mix for Baking, Drinking & Desserts

Made from only sugar, cocoa, unsweetened chocolate and pure vanilla, Guittard’s Sweet Ground Chocolate mix is perfect for mixing into Hot Chocolate, as well as in your coffee! With a rich and complex flavor, use in your favorite recipes for a sweet, rich, unforgettable taste.

Guittard Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa
Guittard Alto Cocoa

Alto Cocoa

Natural Process, 10-12% Fat

This powder is processed naturally, with a more acidic flavor profile, as are all naturally-processed powders. When baking, it should be combined with an alkaline ingredient (such as baking soda) to create leavening. This cocoa will result in lighter-colored baked goods, with a sharp chocolatey flavor.

High-Fat Cocoa Powder

Natural Process, 22-24% Fat

This blend, similar to Alto, is naturally processed and will need an alkaline agent while baking as well. The difference is it has almost twice as much fat content as the Alto blend, offering a more robust and premium chocolate taste for your baking needs.

Guittard High Fat Cocoa
Guittard Rio Cocoa

Rio Cocoa

Medium Dutch Process, 16-18% Fat

Light color but full chocolate taste; medium-dutched, medium-fat cocoa powder.

Old Dutch Cocoa Powder

Medium Dutch Process, 22-24% Fat

This medium-dutched cocoa powder is slightly more acidic than the Rich Dutched, and has the lowest ph of all of Guittard’s full-dutched powders. 

Guittard Old Dutch Cocoa
Guittard Rich Dutched Cocoa

Rich Dutched Cocoa

Medium Dutch Process, 22-24% Fat

This blend of powder can be described perfectly by name: Rich & Dutched. This all-purpose powder has a higher fat content, and will enhance your baking to the next level of rich chocolate.

Perfection Cocoa Powder

Full Dutch Process, 10-12% Fat

This fully-dutched cocoa powder contains less fat, and omits a darker color. When you add it to your confections? Perfection.

Guittard Perfection Cocoa
Guittard Jersey Cocoa

Jersey Cocoa / Cacao Brune

Full Dutch Process, 22-24% Fat

This cocoa has a sublime, velvety texture that feels like silk, and a red-tinged deep brown color. Loved by amateur bakers and professional pastry chefs, this cocoa powder gives cakes, brownies and pastries an intense bittersweet chocolate flavor that is subtle, yet lush with richness.

Guittard Jersey Cocoa x Cacao Brune Tub

Dark Cocoa Powder / Cacao Noir

Full Dutch Process, 10-12% Fat

A little bit goes a long way when you choose Guittard dark Dutch cocoa powder for your baking adventures. This is a true black cocoa powder with an intensely deep, rich flavor thanks to a 10-12% cocoa butter content. Sweetness level of this cocoa is low, and additional sugar or alternative sugar options such as honey, agave syrup or maple syrup may be required to achieve your desired level of sweetness.

Guittard Dark Cocoa x Cacao Noir Tub
Guittard Dark Cocoa
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