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Guittard Collection Etienne Artisan-Made Chocolate

Guittard’s premium line, including chocolate baking wafers, baking bars, chips and powder. Staying true to the founder’s ideology of top-tier premium chocolate, all blends in this line represent an homage to Etienne.

Coucher du Soleil

72% Cacao, Bittersweet Couverture Chocolate

Dark, rich, smooth chocolate with a smooth, creamy mouth feel. The chocolate flavor is full-bodied throughout with a clean, fresh finish. Provides tremendous chocolate flavor to any dessert without being overpowering. This proprietary blend is comprised of beans sourced from the South Pacific, West Africa and South America.

L'Etoile du Nord

64% Cacao, Semisweet Couverture Chocolate

High impact, lingering bittersweet chocolate balanced with minimal sweetness, dark color with warm chocolate and spice notes to enhance baked desserts or confections.

Lever du Soleil

61% Cacao, Semisweet Couverture Chocolate

Warm, fragrant chocolate flavor with a light, spicy note upfront leading into ripe cherry and complex raisin flavors. Ends with a refreshing chocolate finish. Extremely popular with pastry chefs; works well as a backdrop for mild or intense flavors.

La Premiere Etoile

58% Cacao, Semisweet Couverture Chocolate

Rich, smooth chocolate with hints of vanilla throughout. Very slight fruity and spicy notes lingering with a fragrant cocoa finish. Versatile in flavor and function to enhance any confection or pastry.

La Nuit Noir

55% Cacao, Semisweet Couverture Chocolate

Classic deep chocolate flavor with a pronounced fudge and multi-dimensional, balanced flavor profile. Nutty with lingering chocolate and vanilla. A good choice for all around pastry use.

Soleil d'Or

38% Cacao, Couverture Milk Chocolate

Bold, rich, upfront chocolate flavor accented with subtle caramel notes and a lingering hint of cinnamon, fresh dairy flavor and a spicy finish.

Créme Française

31% Cacao, Couverture White Chocolate

French-style white chocolate with a sweet fresh cream flavor, nutty undertones and a lingering hint of citrus. Adds a balanced, sweet dairy flavor to any recipe, and stands alone as an extraordinarily smooth white chocolate with a rich cocoa butter taste. An excellent choice for white chocolate frosting or ice cream.

Madagascar 64% Dark Couverture Chocolate

Semisweet Chocolate, Guittard's Partner Farm

Akesson Bejofo Estate Sambriano Valley

Sourced from Guittard's longtime friend Bertil Akesson, Bejofo Estate is located in the Sambriano Valley, in the North-West of Madagascar, the plantation produces since 1920 world-famous aromatic criollo cocoa.

Flavor Notes

Bright and tart citrus fruit intermingled with underripe berries and a dash of spice enveloping a smooth rich chocolate.

Peru 66% Dark Couverture Chocolate

Semisweet Chocolate

Oro Verde Cooperative - Lamas San Martin

One of the leading cocoa and coffee cooperatives in Peru, Oro Verde understands flavor and has been a pioneer in organic agriculture and agroforestry.

Flavor Notes

Fresh, bright fruitiness and acidity give way to hints of red fruit and unripe mango with lingering floral notes in this single origin chocolate from the Oro Verde Cooperative in Lamas, San Martin.


Grenada 70% Dark Couverture Chocolate Wafers

Luxury Bittersweet Chocolate

Grenada Cocoa Association St Andrew Parish Grenada

GCA is comprised of over 4,000 farmers each with farms ranging from 1 -2 hectares and growing fine flavor varieties of Trinitario. Nutmeg is found all over Grenada, often intercropped with cocoa along with other spices and fruits like guava, cinnamon and plantains--giving farmers a secondary source of income.

Flavor Notes

A bouquet of an aroma of dried fruit coupled with plum and apricot notes. Clean with a very early upfront browned fruit-date note with moderate chocolate tones and mild fruit acidity. Under ripe apricot and young guava lead with a long-lasting smooth chocolate finish.

Ecuador 72% Dark Couverture Chocolate

Bittersweet Chocolate with Cocoa Nacional

Hacienda Rancho Grand - Vinces Los Rios Province

Rancho Grande has been in the hands of the Caicedo family since 1918. Mina and Gisella Caicedo are the 3rd and 4th generation of the family and they continue to ensure that the original Nacional cocoa trees remain in the farm, mixed with a variety of fruit and hard wood trees, creating a natural agroforestry approach to their family farm.

Flavor Notes

An extremely dark color foreshadows this floral chocolate taste that hails from the Hacienda Rancho Grande in Vinces, Los Rios Province. The intensity of this rarified Forastero varietal produces a nuttiness and flavors of roasted stone fruit, tobacco and tea tannins balanced with mild astringency and a soft acid finish. Floral notes with hints of dried cherries and banana amidst a deep chocolate base.

Minuit 100% Dark Couverture Chocolate Wafers

Luxury Chocolate Liquor

Guittard’s Finest Chocolate Liquor. Fruit and spices amidst a deep base chocolate; bitterness gives way to subtle floral sweetness adding a unique layer of complexity.


Guittard Minuit 100% Unsweetened Dark Couverture Chocolate Wafers

Single Estate: Kokoleka, Hawaii

38% Cacao, Milk Chocolate

Refreshing and smooth like a fruit smoothie. Its wild fruitiness is tamed by the intense creaminess of the milk. Rich and exciting but focused on wonderful chocolate taste.

Single Estate: Kokoleka, Hawaii

55% Cacao, Semisweet Dark Chocolate

A bouquet of tropical scents like flowers and tropical fruit, hints of banana and pineapple with a rich passion fruit peak. Very slight underlying tannic base with a gentle tang. Just enough sweetness to be deserving of the name.

Maker's Reserve: Nocturne

91% Cacao, Extra Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

This extra dark, multi-bean blend is uniquely complex with a layered approach of red fruit and nut notes held up with a solid chocolate base.

Maker's Reserve: Complexite

70% Cacao, Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

Nine bean blend of select Criollo, Trinitario and Forestero cacao beans from Central and South America, South Pacific, East and West Indies and Indian Ocean rain forests. The artisans at Guittard individually roasted each bean to perfection to maximize their flavor potential and unique characteristics and meticulously blended them to create a balanced chocolate experience of many layers of flavors. Delicate and smooth, underlying base chocolate accented with tart plums, green tea, lavender and earthy spicy notes of toasted anise for applications as diverse as its profile.


Soleil d’Or: 38% Cacao

Milk Chocolate with Fresh Dairy and Nutty Notes

A chocolate base with hot chocolate notes; lingering fresh dairy and nutty endnotes.

L’Harmonie: 64% Cacao

Semisweet Chocolate with Floral Aromatics and Tart Fruit Notes

A complex and effulgent chocolate with peaks of tart fruit and cherry top notes. Floral aromatics lead to a lingering astringency with chocolatey end notes.

Quetzalcoatl: 72% Cacao

Bittersweet Chocolate with Notes of Spicy Coconut – No Added Cocoa Butter

Dark, rich flavors linger with a minimum of sweetness and notes of spicy coconut. Contains no added cocoa butter for a true 72%.

Clair de Lune: 85% Cacao

Bittersweet Chocolate with Subtle Cherry Notes – No Added Cocoa Butter

A mild yet deep and vivid chocolate flavor with subtle cherry notes and tannin end notes. Contains no added cocoa butter for a true 85%.

Nocturne: 91% Cacao

Extra Dark Chocolate with Notes of Red Fruit and Nuts

A multi-bean blend with engaging complexity, delivering a layered approach of red fruit and nutty notes in an elegant chocolate base.

Extra Dark Chocolate Baking Chips

63% Cacao

The 63% cacao dark chocolate baking chips is a WWC best-seller. This chips incorporate an extra dark, extra intense flavor profile, with subtle notes of vanilla.

Guittard 63% Extra Dark Chocolate Baking Chips Bag
Guittard Akoma 55% Dark Chocolate Baking Chips

Akoma Extra Semisweet Chocolate Chips

55% Cacao

The name Akoma represents heart in the traditional Adinkra symbols of West Africa, where cocoa beans for this chocolate are grown.

Super Cookie Chips™

48% Cacao, Semisweet Chocolate

Deep chocolate flavor in this semisweet chip; a unique shape for a distinct cookie.

Guittard 48% Dark Chocolate Super Cookie Chips
Guittard 46% Semisweet Chocolate Baking Chips

Semisweet Chocolate Baking Chips

46% Cacao

Guittard’s classic semisweet chip delivers hints of vanilla in a smooth base.

Milk Chocolate Baking Chips

31% Cacao

The first milk chocolate baking chip of its kind, this extra large milk chip delivers smooth creamy dairy notes with a classic chocolate flavor, at approximately 350-chips-per-pound.

Guittard 31% Milk Chocolate Baking Chips
Guittard Choc-Au-Lait White Chocolate Baking Chips


Gourmet White Chocolate Baking Chips

A creamy and milky white chocolate with the essence of real vanilla.

Cocoa Rouge

100% Unsweetened, Red Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder

Family-owned and operated for five generations, Guittard remains committed to creating gourmet chocolate for all your baking needs. Blended from the finest cacao from around the world, Collection Etienne “Cocoa Rouge” is flavored for its rich red color, robust fudge-like flavor and full chocolate essence.

Guittard Cocoa Rouge Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (8oz)
Guittard Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate

Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate

Sweet Ground Cocoa – Red Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder & Ground Chocolate

You think hot chocolate is just for kids? The rich, sensuous experience that is Guittard Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate will thrill a gourmand. This award-winning treat is distinguished from other cocoa powders in that it includes real chocolate. Premium Guittard chocolate made from the finest cacao beans is ground finely and blended with old-fashioned, Dutch processed cocoa powder with a classic, with a rich, dark brown color. The result is full-bodied and intense chocolate flavor in a creamy smooth beverage that warms you through and smells as tempting as it tastes.

Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Bars

100% Cacao

This 100% cacao baking bar is a distinct liquor that delivers flavors of fruit and spices amidst a deep base chocolate; bitterness gives way to a subtle floral sweetness adding a unique layer of complexity. Three, two-ounce bars per box.

Guittard 100% Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Baking Bars 2020
Guittard 70% Dark Chocolate Baking Bar 2020

Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Bars

70% Cacao

Deep chocolate flavors linger throughout with bright red fruit and cherry notes. A tart aftertaste lends to an astringency that helps carry the peaky endnotes of this bittersweet chocolate into a deep chocolate finish. Three, two-ounce bars per box.

Semisweet Chocolate Baking Bars

64% Cacao

A complex chocolate with peaks of tart fruit and cherry top notes. Floral aromatics lead to an astringent lingering sensation with chocolatey endnotes. Three, two-ounce bars per box.

Guittard 64% Dark Chocolate Baking Bar 2020

Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Wafers

74% Cacao

A bold chocolate with spice and dried fruit notes with balanced sour and tannin undertones. Ideal for baking, ice cream making and confectionery applications.

Organic Semisweet Chocolate Baking Wafers

66% Cacao

A base of deep chocolate gives way to fresh berries and spice with lingering accents of jasmine. Perfect for baking, enrobing and other confectionery applications.

Organic Milk Chocolate Baking Wafers

38% Cacao

This organic milk chocolate delivers a milky-light chocolate taste; fruit and malty tones and unique complexity making it a favorite for baking and confectionery applications.

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