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World Wide Chocolate is pleased to include Hachez Chocolate as part of our lineup of prestigious chocolate brands. Founded in 1890 in Bremen, Germany by Joseph Emile Hachez and a partner, Hachez is still located in the original city it was founded. This family-owned company holds tight to it roots by using the same recipes and many of the original techniques perfected by its founder. They are also one of the few remaining German chocolate manufacturers to do everything in one location – from cleaning the cocoa beans to roasting them, molding the chocolate and packaging them. This allows them to oversee each stage of manufacturing to ensure every last piece of chocolate meets their high standards. Skilled chocolate masters use the finest quality cocoa beans from renowned plantations throughout the world, including Central and South America and Africa, to make their confectionery treats.

Our selection of Hachez German chocolate includes bars and squares in both milk and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate selection ranges from mild to bitter, making it ideal for everything from indulging in it as a snack or for baking savory desserts. Shop for the cocoa-intensive 88 percent Cocoa Premier Cru, the mild 77 percent Edel-Bitters Cocoa d’Arriba and the powerful 55.5 percent Edel-Vollmilch Cocoa de Maracaibo. What is unique about this brand is how they masterfully infuse their chocolate with unique spices, fruits and herbs for a taste that is bursting with different harmonious flavors and depth. Such unusual pairings include dark chocolate with strawberry and pepper and dark chocolate with mango and chili.

Hachez is proud to support the environmentally friendly and sustainable cultivation of the cocoa beans. They are a part of the Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) and work diligently to help modernize cocoa farming by improving cocoa communities and raising farmer incomes.

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