Jacobs Krönung Coffee

Premium German Coffee

Johann Jacobs opened a coffee and tea shop in Bremen, Germany, in 1895. There, he began roasting his own coffee, enabling him “to treat each variety according to its character and the structure of the beans, thus giving my coffee its own special taste.” The brand’s flagship blend of coffee, Krönung, is marketed as Monarch in Austria and Russia. Jacobs Krönung/Monarch is positioned as having the best aroma, which is the most meaningful characteristic of coffee for many consumers.

Krönung Coffee

Coveted German Coffee

Jacobs signature Krönung Coffee now available in two whole-bean options. This offering is great for a strong cup of morning coffee, a savory complement to your favorite dessert, sourcing premium beans from optimal growing regions.

Jacobs Krönung Coffee

At World Wide Chocolate, we have Jacobs coffee available in its flagship blend, Krönung, which is marketed as Monarch in Austria and Russia. This best-selling premium blend uses a blend of the very best coffee beans that are lovingly cultivated in the optimal growing regions of Latin America and Asia. They are meticulously and slowly roasted to produce coffee that has the richest taste and an award-winning aroma.

Jacobs’ Richly Complex Taste

Coffee lovers love Jacobs Coffee because of the complexly strong and rich taste. The whole bean variety options at World Wide Chocolate are available in several sizes, so you can choose which quantity best suits your needs. Grind them as needed immediately before brewing to experience the freshest, most delicious coffee possible. Those who are passionate about this beloved drink all agree that there is nothing quite like their first sip of coffee in the morning. Make that first sip even better when you use Jacobs signature Krönung Coffee, purchased here at World Wide Chocolate.

The Best Coffee from Around the World

At World Wide Chocolate, we expend great effort to find the best-tasting coffee from around the world. We think that a premium cup of coffee is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures, and we look high and low for coffee brands that will help make your life a little more pleasurable. See why the aroma is so integral to a quality cup of coffee: Purchase Jacobs Krönung Coffee whole beans in several different size options at World Wide Chocolate.

As always, if you have any questions about the products you see on the World Wide Chocolate website, including any questions about Jacobs coffee, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

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