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The World’s Finest Marzipan

Lubeca has been producing marzipan since 1904. The company continues to use traditional methods of production and is recognized by bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers as one of the leading producers of high quality almond paste marzipan.

The more sugar in the marzipan, the lighter the color, the firmer the constancy and the longer the shelf life. Almonds from California are 100 % sweet whilst almonds from the Mediterranean region naturally have about 2% bitter almonds, giving marzipan it’s unique bitter sweet flavor. This can be strengthened further with the addition of bitter almonds.

The flavor in Lubeca’s marzipan is further enhanced with roasting in an open copper vessel. This produces Lubeca’s unmistakable delicious taste.

*Lübecker Marzipan is a proteced geographical indication from the EU, so that finished products made from it can be declared as ingredient with i.e. “Made of Lübecker Marzipan PGI”

Lubeca Lübecker 52% Mediterranean Marzipan 1 Kilo Loaf-min

Paste Almond/Lübecker Marzipan Mediterranean 52%

52% Almonds

Certain marzipans that Lubeca produce can be called ‘Lübecker Marzipan’, a protected geographical indication which is regulated by the RAL, The German Institute for Quality Assurance and Classification. Not only are there marzipans made in the German area of Lübeck, but are made with high quality raw materials and to higher standards of production.

Paste Almond/Lübecker Marzipan California 52%

Made with the Finest Almonds

 This Lübecker Marzipan contains 52% California Almonds, slightly sweeter than its Mediterranean sibling. 

Lubeca Lübecker 52% California Marzipan 1 Kilo Loaf-min
Lubeca Lübecker 35% Mediterranean Marzipan-min

Paste Almond/Lübecker Marzipan Mediterranean 35%

Available in a 1kg Loaf

 The 35% Lübecker Marzipan is ideal for molding figures and shapes, with a higher sugar content than the 52%. 

Paste Almond/Lübecker Marzipan California 26%

Available in a 12.5kg Loaf

This much lighter in colour marzipan contains 67% sugar and almonds from California to give a firmer texture and sweeter flavor. This is the go to product for Cake covering as it is easy to work with and naturally has a longer shelf life and a great texture.

Lubeca Marzipan 26% California Open
Lubeca Marzipan 26% California
Lubeca Lübecker Organic Marzipan 1 Kilo Loaf

Organic Paste Almond/Lübecker Marzipan Mediterranean 52%

Available in a 1kg Loaf

This Organic product and is made with 52% Mediterranean almonds and honey to give a unique marzipan honey flavor, and a honey color to confectionery and cakes. 

Pistachio Almond/Pistachio Marzipan Mediterranean

43% Almonds, 9% Pistachio

This is a premium quality marzipan with 9% pistachios to give color and a subtle pistachio flavor. There is a small amount of alcohol to ensure freshness and shelf life. Application is chocolate centres and confectionery fillings for truffles like ‘Mozart Kugel’

Lubeca Pistachio Marzipan (2)-min
Lubeca Perzipan

Kernel Paste/Perzipan 50% Apricot

Made with Apricot Kernels

Lubeca’s “Perzipan,” which is made from apricot kernels combined with sugar.

Almond Macaroon Mass 32%

Available in a 12kg Loaf

Almond Mass for crafting almond macaroons, in a 12kg container.

Almond Macaroon

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