Lubeca Nougat

Lubeca Praline & Nougat

Fine & Creamy Pralines

The basic ingredients for German Nougat (or pralines) are either Hazelnuts or Almonds, Cocoa Butter and Sugar; some grades also have chocolate or full cream milk powder. Flavor is dependent on the roast of the nuts before they are ground and a light roast has a subtle flavor whereas a strong roast has a stronger flavor. Color is also dependent on the roast but can also be influenced by the addition of chocolate. Lubeca’s nougat has a great smooth melt in the mouth texture which delivers the fantastic roast flavors.

Lubeca Hazelnut Praline Paste 50%-min

Hazelnut Praline Paste 50%

Sweet & Creamy

As one of Lubeca’s best-selling pralines, this 50% hazelnut mix is sought out world wide for its consistentcy & unmatched flavor profile.

Hazelnut Praline Pure 98%

Made with the Finest Hazelnuts

Pure hazelnut praline – perfect for mixes, fillings, and yields a deep true hazelnut flavor. Available in a 10kg loaf.

Lubeca Nougat
Lubeca Dark Chocolate Marzipan

38% Dark Firm Hazelnut Praline Mass/Nougat

Produced with a Strong Roast

This blend is a strongly roasted hazelnut praline with 38% hazelnuts, sugar, chocolate couverture and cocoa butter for a delicious hazelnut flavor and superfine texture.

44% Dark Firm Almond Praline Mass/Nougat

Strong-Roasted Almonds

This dark almond praline paste is made with strong roasted almonds and chocolate couverture for distinct almond flavor and a dark color.

Lubeca Dark Chocolate Marzipan
Lubeca Nougat

Pralinosa 20% Hazelnut Praline Cream/Nougat Cream

Ideal for Fillings

This praline cream has a lesser percentage of hazelnuts, allowing for more cream, resulting in a blissfully smooth nougat.

World Wide Chocolate

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