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Madécasse Chocolate may just shift the way you think about chocolate forever. Started by former Peace Corps volunteers stationed in Madagascar, Madécasse Chocolate is committed to being completely transparent about where its ingredients are sourced. With Madécasse, all the beans used to create the chocolate comes from heirloom cocoa from small Madagascar farms. The cocoa is purchased directly from farmers to provide the best profit for the hardworking staff who harvest the cocoa while also ensuring that the product they receive is pure and natural. As a result, Madécasse chocolates have some of the richest and most robust flavors you’ve ever experienced. While other chocolates solely satisfy your sweet tooth, Madécasse chocolates create a sensory experience that is simply unforgettable.

You’ll love sinking your teeth into a fine chocolate bar from Madécasse Chocolates, especially since they come in such enticing and unique flavors. Whether you go for the spicy punch of cinnamon and sakay pepper chocolate bars, or you prefer the salty crunch of the sea salt and nibs chocolate bar, there’s always something exciting to taste when you choose Madécasse. You’ll even find chocolate bars flavored with 100 percent authentic Madagascan espresso beans. At World Wide Chocolate, we provide an extensive selection of these delicious chocolates to give you a range of ways to enjoy a special, chocolatey treat.

Choosing Madécasse Chocolate allows you to get an incredibly high-quality chocolate bar with superior flavor and quality while also helping to improve the communities where the cocoa beans are sourced from in Madagascar. The direct-trade relationship between Madécasse and local cocoa bean farmers is something that you simply don’t find with some of the larger chocolate conglomerates, and once you’ve tasted the difference, you’ll never want to go back. Shop at World Wide Chocolate to find high-quality chocolate brands like Madécasse at affordable prices.

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