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Meso Cacao

Central American Couverture & Nibs

Meso Cacao is a new fine chocolate which specializes in Central American cacao, as well as direct trade relationships with the cocoa farmers. The company even takes it a step further in listing the pricing paid to the farmers, while encapsulating the central-American cacao’s flavor profile. Using Trinitario cacao grown in Mayan soil, the only ingredients used are cacao nibs, cocoa butter, cane sugar, and sometimes non-GMO sunflower lecithin. Meso Cacao also pays farmers 41%-149% higher rates than market alternatives.

Pure Cacao Nibs

100% Pure Cocoa Nibs

These nibs originate from Wampusirpi, a small town with less than 2,000 inhabitants. It is located in a remote jungle area of northeast Honduras on the Patuca River. The cacao grown here is mostly indigenous Trinitarios, capturing the regions natural flavors.


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