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The MIA movement is an opportunity that was born completely out of chance. Years after a happily random encounter between a chocolate enthusiast and a foodie, they began to work on a concept for a food brand that would transcend mere taste. In doing so, they began an ongoing series of collaborations with an African development entrepreneur, a unique brand designer and a group of people who are passionate about social impact. These collaborations have resulted in MIA. In aiming to create for both our own future and for Africa’s as a whole, the Sankofa bird has inspired us to look back and learn from the past. Between those lessons and their vision, they’ve made MIA what it is. Here at World Wide Chocolate we are proud to carry such phenomenal products.

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MIA 100% Dark Chocolate Bar

100% Dark Chocolate

Uncompromised Flavor

Offering nothing less than 100% pure, uncompromised Madagascan cocoa, this bar brings a deep intensity of flavor, with soft notes of red fruit soon emerging on the palate.

75% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar

Lasting Notes of Pure Madagascar

Strong in cocoa content, this 75% dark chocolate has a gentle, buttery melt that releases mild yet pleasantly lasting notes of pure Madagascan cocoa.

65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Almond & Coconut

Sumptuously Sweet & Savory

Flakes of salted almond and crunchy coconut have been sprinkled liberally over 65% dark chocolate to create a sumptuously sweet and savory contrast in every mouthful.

65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Baobab & Salted Nibs

A True Taste of Madagascar

Rich 65% dark chocolate is infused with the superfood zing of African baobab powder from MIA’s friends at Aduna and topped with a sprinkling of salted cocoa nibs to create a savory crunch that gives way to natural notes of red fruit.

65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Cranberry & Hazelnut

A Sweet & Sour Contrast

Pairing 65% dark chocolate with dried cranberries, roasted hazelnuts and a sprinkling of cinnamon, its flavour roams between sweet and sour with a nutty crunch and notes of woody spice.

65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Candied Orange

With Jewelled Orange Pieces

The intensity of Madagascan 65% dark chocolate is cut with both a citrus zing of infused orange throughout, and chewy, candied orange pieces jewelled across its back.

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