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Michel Cluizel Chocolate Bars

Premium Chocolate Bars

Michel Cluizel chocolatiers have been producing their delectable treats in Normandy, France since 1948. Three generations have now led the Michel Cluizel company, during which time family traditions and tried-and-true techniques have led to the creation of some of the world’s best chocolate. At World Wide Chocolate, we are committed to only bringing you the very best of the best, which is why we are proud to include Michel Cluizel chocolate bars in our vast selection. Just as single malt Scotch is renowned for having been produced at a single distillery, thereby preserving the uniqueness of that particular estate, so too does chocolate have a similar standard. This style of chocolate is produced by Michel Cluizel chocolatiers under the title of “les Crus de Plantation®”, or Single Plantation bars and squares, meaning all of the cocoa beans originated at the same farm. This is a complex and detailed process that involves an immense amount of work, but for those who care about their craft like the people at Michel Cluizel do, it’s worth it.

Ivoire White Chocolate Bar

White Chocolate for Connoisseurs

With its sweet notes of milk and vanilla, the ivory bar falls within the tradition of white chocolate classics and will delight the ivory chocolate connoisseurs with its great sweetness.

Grand Lait Milk Chocolate Bar

45% Cacao, Smooth Milk Chocolate

This classic grand lait melts in the mouth with brown caramel notes, then releases intense milky condensed notes before coming back to sweet milk caramel notes.

Noir de Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

72% Cacao, Award-Winning Dark Chocolate

Michel Cluizel Noir de Cacao 72% is a sumptuous chocolate bar made with the finest cocoa beans harvested from Africa, South America and Java. It has an intense rich cocoa flavor, and every velvety-smooth bite offers a hint of licorice. Considered one of the best dark chocolate bars in the world, this clean, robust bar is a wonderful treat to enjoy on special occasions or as a well-deserved reward.

Grand Noir 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

85% Cacao, A WWC Best-Seller

Its deep dark shade foreshadows the intensity of its perfectly balanced cocoas. A few notes of roasted chestnut and slightly tangy grilled coffee beans enhance the intense pureness of this great high cocoa content chocolate.

Noir Infini Dark Chocolate Bar

99% Cacao, Dark Chocolate for Connoisseurs

The extremely high cocoa content of this exceptional chocolate reveals deep and dense notes. Designed for connoisseurs.

Milk Salted Butter Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

45% Cacao, Sweet & Salty

The crunchy caramel with its fine and delicately salted butter delights the palate, with a final twist of meltingly soft chocolate.

Crunchy Chocolate Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

45% Cacao

Crunchy and slightly bitter almonds and caramelized cocoa biscuit give a delicious crunchiness to this melting-in-the-mouth 45% Grand Lait chocolate.

Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar

Coffee in 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Ground Brazilian arabica coffee beans are rigorously selected cocoas combine in a chocolate-coffee harmony. Thanks to savory grilled notes and the slightly tangy freshness of coffee, the combination of grains and beans is perfect.

Orange Dark Chocolate Bar

Crystallized Orange Peel in 63% Dark Chocolate

The orange peels selected for their distinct aroma fully reveal their delightful tangy notes in the dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Bar with Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa Nibs in 63%  Dark Chocolate

Taste what 175 years of experience is like when you order Cacao Barry Vermicelli from World Wide Chocolate. In a day and age when companies are more likely to be a flash in the pan than a lasting staple, Cacao Barry stands apart from the herd as a pillar of quality and commitment. Back in 1842, the Barry family of pioneers founded their chocolate company and began exploring the world to find the very best cocoa beans to bring home and use in their delicious confections. This dedication to perfection and quality is what has made Cacao Barry a success over so many years, and is why we expect them to be around for another 175 years to come.

Mangaro Milk Chocolate Bar

50% Cacao, Single-Estate Chocolate from Madagascar

Exclusively made with light beans with typicity, this first worldwide 50% milk plantation chocolate harmoniously combines notes of caramel, exotic fruits, gingerbread and honey.

Mangaro Dark Chocolate Bar

65% Cacao, Single-Estate Chocolate from Madagascar

The beans from this plantation produce an outstanding flavored chocolate which combines notes of exotic fruits, gingerbread, and citrus fruits.

Mokaya Dark Chocolate Bar

66% Cacao, Single-Estate Chocolate from Mexico

People in this plantation located in the Mexican region of Chiapas perpetuate the ancient indigenous tradition by producing unequalled cocoa beans. In mouth, powerful notes of cocoa and fruits turn in a second time into dried fruits flavor.

Los Anconès Dark Chocolate Bar

67% Cacao, Single-Estate Chocolate from the Dominican Republic

The long processed beans of this plantation consecutively reveal their aromas of liquorice stick, red berries and green olives.

Vila Gracinda Dark Chocolate Bar

67% Cacao, Single-Estate Chocolate from São Tomé

Lingering spice and herbaceous notes characterize this much aromatic chocolate made of cocoa beans grown on an abundant, volcanic and sea soil.

El Jardín Dark Chocolate Bar

69% Cacao, Single-Estate Chocolate from Colombia

The ‘el jardín’ plantation chocolate reveals its characteristics through notes of honey, red berries, and caramel combined to roasted and peppery notes that end up with a fresh and minty lingering taste.

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