Michel Cluizel Couverture Chocolate Mini Grammes®

Couverture Chocolate Morsels

Michel Cluizel is a rare breed; they are one of the last independent chocolate companies that still manufactures their product from start to finish. They own cocoa bean farms in nearly every corner of the world where cocoa is grown, and oversee the growth, harvest, roasting and ultimately chocolate-making steps for each item they make, which ensures you are receiving only the highest-quality end result. Michel Cluizel has been operating in this way for three generations, which is why their chocolates are known around the world for their decadence and perfection.

Michel Cluizel Arcango Noir 85% Dark Couverture Chocolate Mini Grammes

Michel Cluizel Single Plantation Couverture Chocolate

Single Origin Cacao

Michel Cluizel’s Plantation Chocolates are made from high quality cocoa beans sourced from an individual plantation. This allows them to create exceptional chocolates that embody the character of a unique terroir. Working in partnership with farmers, they develop the different stages in processing the cocoa beans (fermentation, drying) before roasting them ourselves at their workshops in Normandy. The aromatic profile of the Plantation Chocolates reflects their single origin, the expertise of the farmers and the roasting skills of the Manufacture.

Michel Cluizel Plantation Couverture Chocolate
Michel Cluizel Grand Accords Couverture

Michel Cluizel Grands Accords® Couverture Chocolate

Couverture Chocolate with Intense Aromatic Notes

Cluizel’s cocoa beans complement the unique aromatic notes in their Grands Accords® chocolates to perfection. These exclusive creations stemming from chocolate making expertise honed over three generations are ideal for professionals wanting quality chocolate with intense aromatic notes destined for characterful creations. These chocolates are produced in the form of Mini Grammes®, which are 1/4 gram pellets, for easy, fast and accurate use.

Michel Cluizel Organic Grands Crus Couverture Chocolate

With Cocoa from Ecuador & Peru

Midway between Michel Cluizel’s Plantation couverture chocolate and their “Grands Accords®” line, the “Organic Grands Crus” are healthy (lecithin-free), and their strong character makes them ideal for coating and for all your chocolate creations. The “Organic Grands Crus” San Martín and Guayas chocolate varieties originate from Peru and the Ecuador, respectively. These unique terrains define the typical characteristics and strength of their aromatic notes.

Michel Cluizel Organic Grands Crus

World Wide Chocolate

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