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Millésime Organic Belgian Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Only Exceptional Fine Vintage Chocolates, From Bean to Bar

Millésime was founded by Jean-Christophe Hubert, an expert with a passion for the industry. He trained at CIRAD in Montpellier, an agronomy research center centrefocusing on the development of sensory chocolate, analysis and cocoa expertise. He also studied at the Fine Cacao and Chocolate institute in New York, and puts his educatino into practice producing award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate.

Based in Liege, Belgium, Millésime is one of the few Belgian bean-to-bar workshops, specializing in single-origin chocolate blends from bean to bar. Each of their cocoa vintages comes from a specific terrior, all with their own exclusive flavor profile. Similar to the wine-making world, Millésime’s aspirations include promoting naturing processes which flavors that change year-to-year while keeping the basic characteristics of each region/country.

Millésime only uses cocoa beans from environmentally friendly plantations that do not engage in intensive farming. All beans Millésime works with come from non-modified strains carrying ancestral genes of cocoa, ensuring the complete tracability from the beans to finished chocolate, and they only work with plantations that engage in sustainable agriculture.

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Millésime India 74% Dark Chocolate Bar

India 74% Dark Chocolate Bar

Winning Gold at the 2019 Singapore Chocolate Awards

These beans come from Kaithapara, a village in the Idukki district. Characterized by its vast mountains and stable climate, cocoa was already present there in the 18th century, brought from the Indonesian island of Amboyna. Different varieties of cocoa, mainly the Forasteto type, were introduced to Kerala. This cocoa from Kaithapara is an authentic Indian treasure.


Tanzania 90% Dark Chocolate Bar

Winning Gold at the 2020 International Organic Awards

These beans are harvested in the Kilombero Valley, revealing fruity & pleasant woody notes. The cocoa is made in the small village of Mbingu, which translates to “paradise” in Swahili. Kokoa Kamili supports the farmers to ensure that they receive a fair income and to develop their particular nature of Tanzanian cocoa.

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Millésime Tanzania 90% Dark Chocolate Bar
Millésime Panama 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

Panama 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

From Bocos del Toro, Panama

Bocos del Toro is an area consisting of an archipelago on the Caribbean coast, well-known for its tropical forests. Discovered in 1502 during Christopher Columbus’ fourth voyage, the area’s cocoa is collected by small farmers from the native Ngäbe-Buglé community. The cocoa groves are in the middle of the laurel, peach and banana trees in a varied agroforestry system.

Guatemala 50% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

From Ancient Mayan Cocoa Plantations

This exceptional cocoa is harvested by local Q’eqchi Maya farmers in the heart of the regions of Cahabon and Lachuá. Coming from ancient Maya cocoa plantations, the chocolate reveals very delicate aromas of flowers, but also of fruits such as plums and apricots. The tasting is rounded off by a touch of caramel.

Millésime Guatemala 50% Milk Chocolate Bar
Millésime Peru 55% Milk Chocolate Bar with Salted Butter Caramel

Peru 55% Dark Milk Chocolate bar with Salted Butter Caramel

From the Region of San Martin, Peru

Located in the region of San Martin, the plantations extend across a landscape with a tropical atmosphere. The land is a reserve for threatened species that are protected in the Abiseo River and Blue Mountain national parks. The humidity of the Lamas tropical forest provides the perfect environment for cocoa growing.


Dominican Republic 75% Dark Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts

Winning Gold at the 2019 Singapore Chocolate Awards

These beans are from the Öko Caribe cooperative, which has perfected the art of working with small farmers in the region of San Francisco de Macrois. The site is located among mountain ranges to the north and the Cibao valley to the south. Gualberto and Adriano offer exceptional beans with deep notes of cocoa.

Millésime Dominican Republic 75% Dark Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts
Millésime Nicaragua 65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Pistachio Nougatine Filling

Nicaragua 65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Pistachio Nougatine Filling

Bronze Winner at the 2018 International Chocolate Awards 

The beans come from the region of Matagalpa, known as The Pearl of the North. Agriculture in this mountainous region is focused on coffee, bananas and cocoa. The beans reveal a well-balanced bitterness, a soft and silky texture, flavors of nuts, spiced rum, malted grains and a particularly long cocoa finish.


Madagascar 55% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts & Almonds Praliné Filling

From Ambanja, Madagascar

Located in between the sea and the mountains, the region of Ambanja is also known as the Sambirano Valley, from the name of the river that crosses it from the northern heart of the country. Throughout its course down to the sea, the Sambiano is lined with coffee, spice and perfumed plant plantations.

Millésime Madagascar 55% Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts & Almonds Praliné Filling

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