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Every Piece is an Exquisite Composition

Searching for chocolates that are just as tasty as the ones you love from Germany? Get the real thing by ordering authentic German chocolates online at World Wide Chocolate. Our selection of Reber chocolates is popular among chocolate lovers across the globe, but particularly among those who have sampled the exquisite flavors of German chocolate. Opened by Peter Reber in 1865, this Munich-based confectionery company is best known for its tantalizingly sweet and flavorful Reber Mozart-Kugeln. As a traditional German treat, it’s already well-loved by those who have lived in or traveled to this European country. But when crafted with Reber’s delectable mix of creamy praline chocolate, fresh green pistachio marzipan and hazelnut nougat, it becomes an undeniably addictive treat that you’ll appreciate in a whole new way.

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Premium Marzipan Enrobed in Rich Chocolate

This decorative portrait box contains Genuine Reber Mozart-Kugeln, each one exquisitely filled with the finest gourmet pistachio marzipan made from fresh, green pistachios, almonds, hazelnut nougat, and covered with a layer of milk and dark chocolate. Reber’s #1 product is available in numerous size-offerings all linked below!

Reber Mozart Portrait Box
Reber Kugeln Piece
Reber 8-Piece Chocolate Mozart Kugeln
Reber Constanze Mozart Kugeln Single
Reber 5-Piece Constanze Mozart Kugeln

Constanze® Mozart-Kugeln® 6-Piece Portrait Box

With Alpine Milk Chocolate

6 Constanze® Mozart balls, finely filled with melt-in-the-mouth hazelnut nougat on pistachio noble marzipan, topped with a noble marzipan top and covered with 2 layers of the finest alpine milk chocolate – a real treat for everyone who loves alpine milk chocolate.

Reber Constanze® Mozart-Kugeln® 6-Piece Portrait Box

Mozart Dark Chocolate Medallions

With Ten Luxurious Pieces

Reber’s world famous Mozart Kugel in round medallion shape; with pistachio marzipan and nougat cream, covered in dark chocolate.

Reber Mozart Medallions
Reber Mozart Specialty Assortment Gift Box

Specialty Assortment

Twelve Assorted Premium Chocolates

Reber Mozart Specialties Assortment in Gift Box contains a 12 piece assortment of classic Mozart Kugeln and Mozart Hearts with pistachio nougat covered in dark chocolate, Constanze Kugeln and Constanze Heart with pistachio nougat covered in milk chocolate, Mozart Pastete (honey cream truffle with pistachio nougat covered in dark chocolate), and a Mozart & Constanze Heart (cream truffle with brandy sultanas covered in milk chocolate).

Mozart Herz‘l

Eight-Piece Heart Gift Box

Reber Mozart Hearts in Gift Box – 8 pieces are filled with the finest gourmet pistachio marzipan made from fresh, green pistachios and creamy truffle, covered in a layer of dark chocolate. The hearts are wrapped in foil, perfect for showing your love to someone special.

Reber Mozart Dark Chocolate Heart
Reber 10-Piece Assorted Kugeln Box

Assorted Chocolate Kugeln Box

Ten Assorted Kugels

Representing a unique gift box, uniting 2 Truffle Kugeln – finest truffle in chocolate-marzipan, enrobed with tender milk chocolate; 4 Genuine Reber Mozart-Kugeln® – filled with pistachio-marzipan, almonds and hazelnut praline, enrobed with milk chocolate and bitter sweet chocolate; 4 Constanze® -Kugeln – with pistachio marzipan out of fresh green pistachios, almonds and hazelnut praline, covered with tender milk chocolate.

Mozart Dark Chocolate Bar

The Classic Kugeln in a Bar Format

Reber Mozart Dark Chocolate Bar is filled with pistachio marzipan, almonds and cream truffle in a layer of bitter sweet chocolate.

Reber Mozart Dark Chocolate Bar
Reber Constanze Mozart Milk Chocolate Bar

Constance Milk Chocolate Bar

With Alpine Milk Chocolate

The layers of premium milk chocolate bring a stylish presentation to all chocolate lovers. This product is KOSHER-dairy certified leaving not a stain of artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, artificial colorants, and no palm oil added.

Mozart Piano Bar

With Alpine Milk Chocolate

Reber Mozart Piano Bar contains gourmet pistachio marzipan, velvety hazelnut nougat from handpicked and freshly roasted hazelnuts, blended with crisped rice, and covered with a decadent layer of milk chocolate. This enchanting delicacy is topped off with a fine coat of delicate dark chocolate creating a melody of taste in every bite.

Reber Black Forest Hearts Counter Display

Black Forest Hearts Counter Display

Gourmet & Unforgettable

Reber Black Forest Cherry Hearts have pieces of cherry soaked in Kirschwasser on a bed of gourmet almond marzipan, covered with a layer of gourmet milk and dark chocolate.

Reber Chocolate Black Forest Heart Single

Grand Specialty Gift Box

All of Reber’s Finest Confections

Reber Grand Specialty Window Gift Box features fifteen (15) confectionery chocolates like Flaky Toffee, Cherry Chocolate Delight, Rosenwalzer Chocolate Delight, Rum-Fruit Chocolate Delight, Esterhazy Chocolate Delight, the genuine Reber Mozart-Kugeln, and the Constanze Mozart-Kugeln.

Reber Grand Specialty Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

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