Scluckwerder Chocolate Covered Marzipan

Premium German Marzipan

For almost 60 years, this family business stands for progress and development of marzipan, chocolate, and chocolate specialties. The combination of their successful product range, combined with flexible production, customer orientation and a tradition of family business has made Schluckwerder a leader in the confectionery industry.

Schluckwerder Chocolate Covered Marzipan (75g)

Chocolate Covered Marzipan

German Marzipan Enrobed in Rich Dark Chocolate

Schluckwerder presents a rich almond-paste surrounded in smooth dark chocolate. Available in a 50g, 75g & 200g options.

Chocolate Nonpareil Rings

In a “Wreath” format

Schluckwerder Nonpareil Rings are an altered take on a classic favorite. These delicious chocolates are perfect year-round, and especially for the Holidays.

Schluckwerder Chocolate Nonpareil Rings Loose
Schluckwerder Chocolate Nonpareil Rings

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