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Nestled in the shadows of Mount Timpanogos in Downtown Provo, Utah, the journey of Taste began with a group of friends, a love of chocolate, and a dream to make it in a way that highlights the genetic flavors of each single-origin cacao. Their dream has come to fruition, and we are excited for you to Taste.

Not every bar of chocolate should taste the same. Even if Taste has worked with a bean in the past, each time beans are recevied from a new harvest they start from scratch. And it’s not unusual for Taste to create 20 test batches for each bean they use… Because growing conditions change from year to year, so do flavor profiles for the beans. The variety of flavors that come through in cacao when treated correctly are loved world wide, and Taste encapsulates their natural aromas with perfection. The true genetic flavors of each bean are what you experience when you enjoy Taste. Taste offers 85g bars, as well as 28g “Mini” bars (“Shop Mini”).

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Pure Cacao Tea

100% Cacao for Drinking

This is a rich, healthy alternative to coffee and other tea. The tea is rich in antioxidants, is mildly caffeinated and contains theobromine, a great mood enhancer.

To Brew: In a French press, add 1-2 tsp. cacao tea for every 8oz of boiling water. Allow to steep for 4-6 minutes before pressing and pouring into cup. Add cream and sweetener to taste, and enjoy!

Taste Artisan Chocolate Arriba Ecuador 100% Cacao Tea
Taste Artisan Chocolate EUV Mini Bar Flight

Explore Utah Valley Collection

Limited Time | While Supplies Last

Taste has paired themselves with Explore Utah Valley to create a fresh new series of bars that highlights the beautiful scenic vistas unique to Utah Valley. These bars include high quality, locally-sourced ingredients and feature beautiful artwork of iconic scenery—including Mt. Timpanogos, Historic Downtown Provo, and the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.

Amazonas Peru 75% Dark Chocolate

From the Jungles of Peru

Amazonas: The name conjures images of something wild, which is how this cacao grows. Awajún natives harvest this fruit from deep in the Peruvian Jungles using wooden tools to avoid any damage to the fresh beans. Rich flavors of blackberry and fresh cream shine in this bar.

Taste Artisan Chocolate Amazonas Peru 75% Dark Chocolate Bar
Taste Artisan Chocolate Porcelana 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

Porcelana 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

From the Canyons of Peru

White cacao beans are quite rare and are a trait of cacao trees that have been left undisturbed for hundreds of years. The incredible beans used to create Tate’s Porcelana bar are almost completely white and offer notes of concord grape, honey, vanilla, subtle citrus and toast.

Piura Peru 75% Dark Chocolatee Bar

From the Foothills of Peru

Some of the rarest genotypes of heirloom cacao grow white. This bar is created using some of those rare white beans, which gives the blend a unique, light color. Enjoy notes of caramel, fig & subtle melon.

Taste Artisan Chocolate Piura Peru 75% Dark Chocolate Bar
Taste Artisan Chocolate Madagascar 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

Madagascar 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

From the Sambirano Valley

In the rich volcanic soils of Madagascar’s Sambirano Valley grows a special cacao that the natives call “green gold.” With both Venezuelan and Mexican heritage, you’ll enjoy notes of red fruit, subtle citrus, and a hint of date.

Madagascar 58% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

2018 Silver Academy of Chocolate Award Winner

In the rich volcanic soils of Madagascar’s Sambirano Valley, grows a special cacao with both Venezuelan and Mexican heritage that the natives call “green gold,” which is blended to a luxury dark-milk chocolate. Enjoy notes of subtle red fruit and creamy caramel.

Taste Artisan Chocolate Madagascar 58% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar
Taste Artisan Chocolate Madagascar 58% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar with Chai

Madagascar 58% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar with Chai

Taste Artisan Chocolate’s Best-Seller

Taste Artisan Chocolate takes their Dark Milk Madagascar blend, and incorporates Chai for their best-selling bar. Spiced by Taste’s Grant Fry, you’ll love this bar with fragrant chai spices, giving way to notes of cinnamon, ginger, cardamon & cloves.

Limited Edition Del Oro Ecuador 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

Available While Supplies Last

In the foothills of the Andes stands a small cacao farm. Here the wealth of Ecuador’s wild and cultivated cacaos grow surrounded by fragrant orange and lemon groves. Tate crafts this cacao into a rich chocolate with notes of warm banana bread, walnut, and spices.

Taste Artisan Chocolate Limited Release Del Oro Ecuador 75% Dark Chocolate Bar
Taste Artisan Chocolate 6-Piece Mini Chocolate Bar Flight

Six-Piece Chocolate Square Flight

Six 14g Single-Origin Chocolate Squares

Taste Arriba Ecuador 75% Dark, Piura Peru 75% Dark, Amazonas Peru 75% Dark, Porcelana 75% Dark, Madagascar 58% Dark Milk with Chai & Arriba 58% Dark Milk in this luxury chocolate tasting selection.

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