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Take your love of chocolate to the next level by trying something a little different. Taza Chocolate is an American company based in Somerville, Massachusetts. Their unique stone-ground methods for creating delicious treats have chocolate lovers across the country excited. After experiencing stone ground chocolate during a visit to Oaxaca, Mexico, founder Alex Whitmore knew it was something special. He and his wife Katherine Fulton started Taza with a mission to bring the unrivaled rustic flavors and textures of stone ground Mexican chocolate back to their Massachusetts home, and Taza Chocolate was born.

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Taza Chocolate truly is a one-of-a-kind company. Inspired by the founder’s trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, during which he tried stone-ground chocolate for the first time, Taza Chocolate was the first United States-based chocolate maker to establish and follow a third-party certified Direct Trade Cacao Certification program, which helps to ensure that everyone and everything is treated fairly and ethically throughout the chocolate manufacturing process. Taza Chocolate takes the time to make sure that they only work with growers who care about their workers as well as the environment, and they pay a premium above Fair Trade price in order to meet these standards.

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There’s ethical chocolate and then there’s Taza Chocolate. These crusader chocolatiers take fair trade to a whole new level with their third-party certified Direct Trade Cacao Certification program, which ensures that from bean to bar, these chocolates are as ethical as possible from start to finish. Beyond their standards of production, Taza Chocolate also brings you a flavor and experience that can’t be found anywhere else – this is due to the stone-ground manufacturing methods that they use, which their founder first experienced during a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. After his first taste of stone-ground chocolate, he knew he had to bring this incredible culinary experience back to America.

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Taza Chocolate was first created after their founder had an unforgettable experience in Oaxaca, Mexico. While traveling, he had his first taste of local stone-ground chocolate – the rustic and incredibly bold flavors made such an impact on him that he immediately decided he needed to bring this culinary experience to America. Over a decade later, Taza Chocolate is still proudly producing some of the world’s most delicious and ethical chocolate available. Please note – Taza recently changed their packaging in July of 2018; packaging may vary.

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Some things have to be experienced first-hand – one of those things is the rustic and full flavor that comes from producing chocolate with a stone-ground method. Taza Chocolate creates its unique flavors using this ancient method because of a trip their founder took to Oaxaca, Mexico. One taste of this style of chocolate, and he was hooked – he had to bring stone-ground chocolate to America.

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Stone-ground chocolate produces a taste that is unlike anything else – this ancient method of making chocolate releases flavors that are both powerful and rustic that will leave you wanting more and more. That’s exactly what happened to Taza Chocolate’s founder during a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico – one bite of the local chocolate, and he was hooked. That’s how Taza Chocolate was born, and now they deliver unbeatable flavors produced at incredibly ethical standards to people all over the world

When producing Taza chocolate, traditional Mexican stone mills called “molinos” are used to grind the organic, Direct Trade Certified cacao. This preserves the natural flavors of the beans and delivers a final product with a hint of satisfying grit. If you thought that only creamy, velvety chocolate was right for you, think again. There’s something addictive about the rustic texture of stone ground chocolate, and the folks at Taza have found a way to make this Mexican specialty easily accessible to chocolate lovers around the world.

Some of the delicious and delectable delights you’ll find in this collection from Taza Chocolate include the brand’s famous chocolate discs. These are available in a variety of flavors, including those with hints of vanilla, salted almond, cinnamon or chipotle chili. Buy the disc sampler to get a fun gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Other favorites include Taza Amaze Bars, which come in even more fun flavor combinations, and Taza chocolate-covered nuts. And of course, Taza’s classic stone-ground organic chocolate bars are another popular pick. Buy Taza Chocolate at World Wide Chocolate today to get a tasty treat that will indulge your taste buds in a little something new and exciting, even for a chocolate fanatic like you.

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