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The creamy chocolate, the sweet honey and the crisp almond nougat of Toblerone has made it one of the world’s most iconic chocolate brands for over 100 years. Created in 1908 by Theodor Tobler, this delightful Swiss chocolate has a name inspired by a portmanteau of its creator’s last name and “torrone,” an Italian word for nougat. The unique pyramid shape is thought to be inspired by the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. The shape alone has made Toblerone one of the most recognizable candies in the world, but the incredible taste of this chocolate is what has made it such an enduring hit decade after decade.

The classic Toblerone bar contains a beautiful mix of decadent milk chocolate and crunchy almond nougat with just the right hint of honey. The series of pyramids are just the right size of popping off one at a time to enjoy that flavorful combination. While the milk chocolate version in its iconic yellow packaging continues to be the one you can find in most stores today, shopping at World Wide Chocolate gives you access to some rarer versions of this delectable treat. For an intense and robust chocolate flavor, choose a Toblerone made with dark chocolate. For a creamier, sweeter treat, go for a white chocolate Toblerone. And for those who love a sweet and salty combination, there’s nothing better than a Toblerone with salted caramel.

Take your love of Toblerone to the next level by stocking up on all of these delicious candy bar flavors, including the classic milk chocolate. Pop off a triangular piece one at a time and revel in each delicious bite, or pass the bar around to all your friends so everyone can try this tasty treat. And if you know anyone who’s a serious chocolate lover, you’ll be sure to put a smile on their face by giving them any of these tasty Toblerones as a gift. Shop at World Wide Chocolate to find the best prices and selection for gourmet chocolate brands like Toblerone.

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