Valrhona Chocolate Squares

Luxurious Snacking Chocolate

Keep tasty, single-serving treats around your home or business by ordering Valrhona chocolate squares from World Wide Chocolate. These delicious squares are like miniature versions of our premium Valrhona chocolate bars. They come in the same delicious flavors and cocoa contents. They’re also available in larger bulk sizes, so that you can make sure that you have plenty of bite-sized chocolate squares for your family, party guests or other chocolate-lovers. These bulk packages are idea for parties, gifts and businesses.

Jivara 40% Milk Chocolate Squares

Creamy & Chocolatey

This exceptional milk chocolate has pronounced cocoa taste, which finally reveals notes of malt and vanilla.

Manjari Madagascar 64% Dark Chocolate Squares

Fresh & Tangy Dark Chocolate

This Single Origin dark chocolate is made from rare cocoa beans from Madagascar giving it a fresh, acidic, sharp bouquet with red fruit notes.

Caraïbe 66% Dark Chocolate Squares

Balanced & Velvety

Aromatic with a long finish, its fruity and barely sweet taste reveals the delicate flavors of almonds and roasted coffee.

Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Squares

Bittersweet & Elegant

Extraordinary bitterness with an aromatic and complex range of fruit, coffee, molasses, and floral notes.

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