Valrhona Inspiration Couverture

Couverture Blends of Cocoa Butter with Fruit

Valrhona’s latest product line quite literally will inspire new creations. They have taken cocoa butter and blended different fruit & nut varieties to create these sought-out blends. Experiment with their Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Almond, or new Yuzu couverture and let this couverture take you to uncharted territories.

Raspberry Couverture

35.9% Cocoa Content

Introducing the newest member of the INSPIRATION Range—RASPBERRY. This luxurious berry is the queen of berries and stands out for its delicate balance of sweet and tangy flavors.

Strawberry Couverture

37.9% Cocoa Butter, 14.2% Strawberry Powder

Freeze-dried strawberry powder gives STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION the highly concentrated, vibrant flavor and color that shines through in every application.

Almond Couverture

30.5% Cocoa Butter, 30.6% Almond Powder

The first of its kind, ALMOND INSPIRATION features the creamy texture of chocolate with the sweet intensity of pure natural almond. Ground almonds are mixed with cocoa butter, sugar and lecithin to create a completely unique product with all the freshness of almonds in the form of a chocolate.

Passion Fruit Couverture

32.8% Cocoa Butter, 17.3% Dried Passion Fruit Juice

With the development of PASSION FRUIT INSPIRATION, our experts were able to innovatively replace cocoa with passion fruit, making it possible to use passion fruit like you would a chocolate.

Yuzu Couverture

34.4% Cocoa Butter, 2.4% Yuzu Juice

This iconic fruit is found halfway up mountains in Southeast Japan’s rural Kochi region. Yuzu bursts onto the palate with a unique citrusy flavor.

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