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Willie’s passion for chocolate was born from a love of adventure. This spirit took Willie to Venezuela, leading to the purchase of Hacienda El Tesoro high in the cloud forest, and remains with Willie as the quest to make great chocolate. He has traveled on the cacao trail around the Equator into the forests of the world, in search of the finest beans.

Willie’s chocolate is all about flavor. Great cacaos are like fine wines, each one with its own stunningly individual flavor born of its specific genetics, soil and climate. One might taste naturally of nuts, another of summer fruits. It is to capture these subtle notes and unique flavors that make all Willie’s chocolate from the bean – which is called bean to bar chocolate! The process incorporates buying single estate cacaos direct from the farmers, roasting them in antique ball roasters and make them into chocolate using just raw cane sugar and natural cocoa butter – no soya lecithin, no vanilla, nothing that gets in the way of the flavor of the bean.

Willie’s 54% Milk of the Stars Milk Chocolate Bar

An intensely beautiful 54 milk chocolate – this 2019 Specialty Foods Award-Winning chocolate is an unforgettable blend. Close your eyes, and as the chocolate melts, you will be able to taste the deep caramel notes characteristic of this remarkable bean from Surabaya in Java. These are so different to the nutty, coffee notes of the Rio Caribe bean used in Milk of the Gods. This is bringing the delights of discovering the flavours of different beans to milk chocolate lovers around the world.

Willie’s Cacao Products

Pure Gold Sur Del Lago 100% Cacao

Naturally Silky & Nutty Notes

As the chocolate melts, your journey of pure 100% cacao begins. South of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, Sur Del Lago’s silky flavors roll deep and nutty, unfolding the wonders of this ancient and revered Food of the Gods.

This Pure Gold is 100% cacao & completely sugar free, for an intense journey of natural flavors and no sugar. Perfect for the true chocolate connoisseur, or for all of those cutting on sugar!

This bar has been crafted to have wonderful smoothness alongside its intensity, even without sugar – packed full of antioxidants – this is the perfect feel-good healthy  treat.

This chocolate is all about purity of flavor with only natural ingredients; cacao and natural cocoa butter – no vanilla, nor soya lecithin. Every bite is bursting with energy and natural health-giving properties.

Matcha Kotobuki Green Tea in White Chocolate

An Emerald Green Jewel of Chocolate

This blend arose when Willie was in Japan visiting Uji, just south of Kyoto – as he come to realize how much love Kotabuki Matcha received. At first taste, Willie knew the matcha tea would blend extraordinarily with white chocolate.

Here it is: perfectly balanced, natural cocoa butter, raw cane sugar and milk. No soya lecithin nor vanilla – for a simply sublime experience.

Matcha Kotobuki Green Tea in White Chocolate Tempered


Rio Caribe Gold 72% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate

Single-estate cacao with complex notes of nuts and coffee

Willie’s first ten-hour road trip took him east of Caracas, along the magical Caribbean coast to the Paria Peninsula and the sleepy village of Rio Caribe, where he came across the Rio Caribe cocoa beans.

This delectable Venezuelan dark chocolate is an adventure in taste with its complex nut and coffee notes – all natural flavors in the cocoa beans, no additives. That’s why Willie’s Cacao is ‘bean to bar’ to capture the stunningly individual flavors of the world’s great cacaos.

Luscious Orange Dark Chocolate

Delicate Orange with Notes of Honey

After one visit to the eastern tip of Cuba, Willie fell in love with Baracoan beans for their natural & subtle notes of honey. At first taste, he knew the blend would be perfectly with subtle orange notes.

These exquisite beans have a delicate honey flavor that is simply born to be with orange, crafted from bean to bar at their England-based facility.

Rio Caribe 44% Milk Chocolate with Sea Flakes

Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt

As a child, Willie would head far out to sea to collect pure water, gently evaporating it off and watching the delicate sea salt crystals form. Milk chocolate with sea flakes…Salt is a source of life, and with cacao it becomes a source of dreams.

Chulucanas Gold 70% Peruvian Dark Chocolate

Notes of Raisin and Plum

The beans grown in the small town of Chulucanas, Peru, create instant dark chocolate gratification. An adventure in taste, this blend melts slowly – taking you to the mountains of the Morropon province of Peru, with their native Criollo beans and their distinctive notes of the raisins and plums.

100% Cacao with Raisin & Hazelnut

100% Maranon cacao, no added sugar

Jewelled with raisins and hazelnuts, this softly floral Rio Maranon cacao has no need for added sugar. All the sweetness comes naturally from the fruit and nuts.

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